May 23, 2024

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When Steve Bannon demolishes an argument by Donald Trump

When Steve Bannon demolishes an argument by Donald Trump

What does Donald Trump want to do on this day when he promises to act like a dictator after returning to the White House? He wants to close the southern border and “drill, drill, drill.” This willingness to increase oil drilling has been linked to one of the biggest criticisms of the former president, his congressional allies and many Republican voters positioning Joe Biden. All of these beautiful people accuse the Democratic president of implementing an energy transition that weighs down America's oil and gas industry and compromises the nation's energy independence. That's a lie, Steve Bannon admitted earlier this week.

But before examining the former Trump adviser's statement, let's review two facts: Despite Biden's climate policies, the Department of Energy declared Last month, the United States now produced more crude oil than any other country in human history. The country's gas production has reached a level that should not be exceeded Register In 2023. The president doesn't brag about it, but it's the truth.

A reality Bannon pointed out during an interview The New York Times. The populist troublemaker highlighted Biden's energy record by arguing that Trump's allies could siphon off the president's progressive vote by promoting candidates like Robert Kennedy Jr. or Jill Stein (Green Party).

“No Republican knows that oil production is higher than ever under Biden.” said Pannon. “But Jill Stein's people know that. Stein is angry about oil drilling. The students are furious. And these [candidats tiers] Be known, it will be better for us. »

Bannon's statement won't stop Trump from repeating his lies about oil production under Biden, as well as what he says about crime in America's major cities. But it's notable that an ally of the former president shamelessly trashed one of his most prominent arguments in America's biggest newspaper.

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You have to believe that anything not said on Fox News or other Trumpist media is not taken into account.