December 8, 2023

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Why is Russia using hypersonic missiles?

Russia began using hypersonic missiles over the weekend in Ukraine.

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With these missiles, Russia succeeded in destroying the fuel reserves of the Ukrainian army in the south.

Why did Russia start using such weapons?

As for the Americans, by using this type of weapon, Russia is “trying to regain momentum” in the conflict in which its military is trapped, said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who believes that these weapons have not changed anything. .

Russia is using it for three reasons, according to Dominique Trincomalee, an expert on the military mission of the French delegation to the United Nations.

First, the use of such missiles makes it possible to bypass the anti-aircraft defense system.


“They go under the radar and can be manipulated to the end, the interviewer explains to Quebec Matin. This is the first time they have been used in operation.”

One month after the invasion, why did Russia use them at this time of conflict?

“Russia is a little less than its traditional precision missiles. She attracted a lot from it, so she ran out of stock,” Dominic Trincomalee raises.

Finally, Russia, the first world power to develop this weapon, uses it on the field for propaganda purposes.


“It allows Russia to tell its population, you see, we have extraordinary weapons, we only have it!” Mr. Says Trinquand.

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If the deployment of such weapons worries Americans and Westerners, they may analyze what is currently happening on the ground in preparation for counter-defense.

What are hypersonic missiles?

Unlike conventional missiles, hypersonic missiles can be maneuvered midway, change their trajectory or altitude, and can reach at least five times the speed of sound (Mach 5), i.e. over 6100 km / h.

They are difficult to detect by anti-aircraft security systems developed and used by Americans and NATO.

Their range is enormous: they can reach targets at a distance of 3000 km with astonishing accuracy.

It On July 19, Russia successfully tested the first missile of this type.