June 16, 2024

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Would a Russian General Consider Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

Would a Russian General Consider Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

The United States is considering all scenarios for war in Ukraine, even one where Russia uses nuclear weapons, an expert on military strategy says.

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“I was reading in The Hill Journal that Americans want to buy $290 million worth of drugs to combat the effects of radiation, and that clearly indicates that Americans believe the situation can change,” said former military intelligence officer Simon The Duke.

According to this expert, in Russia, two leaders who do not have the same outlook are currently facing each other, and the possibility of using a tactical nuclear bomb is emerging.

“There are two conflicting logics in war. A war of maneuver or a war of perfidy. In Russia there is a conflict between two military leaders. On the one hand, there is General Lapin, the great defender of active security, and on the other, there is Kadyrov, the president of the Republic of Chechnya, who asserts that the doctrine of active security is by no means the norm. On the contrary, It supports territorial management, the use of nuclear weapons and the crushing of enemies. I would like to mention that Kadyrov now has the rank of colonel general,” the military intelligence expert notes.

Watch the demonstration in the video above.

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