May 18, 2024

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Your best look yet on the new iPhone 16

Your best look yet on the new iPhone 16

Updated May 3: Article was originally published on May 1.

Although the next iPhone may not launch until September, we know enough about the smartphone to anticipate the changes and customizations that Apple has planned.

Update: Friday, May 3: The team at the system store It has access to the templates used for the iPhone 16 family. Unsurprisingly, the templates support the portrait orientation of the rear camera lens, but they also reveal key details about one of Apple’s key innovations. The MagSafe case on the next iPhone models will be smaller than the one in the iPhone 15 family.

The important change is that the ring will be smaller, which indicates that Apple has simplified the internal circuitry, which could lead to a performance boost. This could mean that charging rates could be maintained over the two generations.

This naturally leads to the issue of compatibility. I expect Apple to work hard to make sure peripherals designed for the larger iPhone 15 MagSafe system will still be compatible with the iPhone 16. MagSafe’s power charging capabilities use induction charging, so they don’t require a physical connection, just proximity between the two charging points. Connect wirelessly between MagSafe peripherals and the host iPhone using Near Field Communications, which again doesn’t require a physical connection, just a near-field connection.

As the launch date approaches, more third-party peripherals will be designed and manufactured before launch; These should give us a clear indication of the compatibility question for the new peripherals attached to the iPhone 15 and the old peripherals attached to the iPhone 16.

Our latest look at the iPhone 16 comes from a digital artist Aaron Carpenter. They built Here’s a detailed look at the designGuided by the details and specifications he collected Majin Buu.

The two new face buttons of the iPhone 16 are clearly visible. Last year, the programmable action button was introduced in the two iPhone 15 Pro models – 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max – but the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models were not included. This year, this button will be available on all four models, and Carpenter explains how it fits into the design.

Apple is following up on the success of the action button with a second button. The capture button should bring the iPhone’s shutter button, presumably with a multi-stage button that offers focus lock as well as taking a photo or starting recording. You might initially miss it in the pictures because this is a capacitive button and not a physical button. It can sit on the side of the iPhone and respond to touch without requiring any moving parts.

Moving the camera to portrait orientation allows you to record stereoscopic video, as long as you’re recording in landscape mode. Apple’s system is branded Spatial Video, and while it will run in 2D on the iPhone, the value here lies in the Apple Vision Pro. The resulting videos create a more immersive memory for those who own the $3,500 headset.

Finally, from Carpenter a look at possible colors for the upcoming iPhone. There are expected to be seven of them, with the usual black and white in the mix, as well as pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and purple.

Apple traditionally launches new iPhones on the second Tuesday of September, which this year will be September 10.

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