June 17, 2024

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1200 billion cost | President Biden approves his infrastructure law

(Washington) Hundreds of guests in the gardens of the White House, the whole parade band and flags abound: Joe Biden signed on Monday under a gigantic infrastructure plan, a rare glow for an infamous president.

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“This is my message to Americans: America will prosper again and your life will be better,” he said openly and happily.

In front of him, MPs, his government members and trade unionists froze, despite the sun being late this November, which did not stop the various speakers from clapping and cheering.

Photo by Susan Walsh, Associated Press

Joe Biden, in the face of bad economic news and disastrous opinion polls, wanted the event to explain his vision of a consensual United States, a country of “potential”.

The law, which was painfully passed by the House of Representatives ten days ago, allocates $ 1200 billion for the repair or construction of bridges, roads, terminals for electric cars and water pipes.

This should make it possible to improve public transport and high speed internet.

According to Joe Biden, the US president and his Chinese envoy Xi Jinping will hold a virtual meeting on Monday evening to put the United States in a position to “win the race” against China.

The speech garnered votes from Republican opponents, to Donald Trump’s regret – the billionaire wanted to launch a major infrastructure project that never saw the light of day.

The former president slammed the 13 elected Republicans who voted in favor of the speech in the House of Representatives.

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One of his followers, Marjorie Taylor Green, even called them “traitors” and distributed the telephone numbers of their offices.

In fact, despite opposition leaders Joe Biden’s insistence on Monday in the White House meadows to welcome the fact that the law was backed by elected officials from both parties in a country where supporters of the split are white-hot.

Ohio-based Republican Senator Rob Portman has spoken well, but he should not be afraid of a pro-Trump retaliation: he will not run again in the 2022 midterm assembly election. ‘The most critical was announced by Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Photo by Mandel NGAN, France-Press Agency

Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio


Although Joe Biden’s plans are popular among Americans, his confidence rating has been steadily declining since his tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan this summer.

Recent poll Washington Post And the ABC channel, released Sunday, set the U.S. president’s confidence rating at 41%.

Only 39% of Americans agree with its economic policies, and 70% of them think that the economic situation in the United States is worse.

The world’s leading economic power is booming, experiencing a surge in inflation and supply problems, while the White House has not completely changed the side of the epidemic, as promised.

Whatever the weight in the daily life of this middle class, Joe Biden promises better days.

The price hike complicates another big plan of the US president, a less consensual plan than the infrastructure plan: $ 1,750 billion in aid for social spending and energy change, which is due to be explored by the House of Representatives this week. , Then have to vote. By the Senate.

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There, it is impossible to trust the support of Republicans, some of whom are shouting for “socialism,” which is the worst threat to American political imagination.

It is necessary to persuade the most central Democratic senators who attended the ceremony on Monday, and especially Joe Mancin (West Virginia) and Kirsten Cinema (Arizona).

Photo by Mandel NGAN, France-Press Agency

Arizona Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema

Second, the most sensible in general, surprised by the talk, Joe Biden paid tribute to him in his own speech.

The signing of the Infrastructure Act on Monday was less than the starting point for a broader White House communications attack.

This week, Joe Biden will do a post-sales service on the text and advertise something to brag about in the state of New Hampshire (Tuesday) and the big industrial city of Detroit (Wednesday). .