April 18, 2024

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17 candidates are vying to succeed Mackey Sall as President

17 candidates are vying to succeed Mackey Sall as President

7.3 million voters were finally called to vote on March 24. Outgoing state president Mackie Sall, who has been out of power for 12 years, is not running for re-election. So the games are very open, with 19 candidates competing. With only 17 candidates left in reality, Pasirue opposed Diomaye Fay, the former Bastep's replacement, after two contestants withdrew from the race.

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With our correspondent in Dakar, Leah-Lisa Westerhoff

Among the 17 candidates, former Prime Minister Amadou Pa. Designated Dolphin Mackey Sal To wear the colors of the ruling coalition. Can the candidate garner the votes of those in favor of continuity? The selection of this former minister and tax and property officer is an unknown in this election as President Macky Sall's APR party line-up is not unanimous.

Three big names have decided to go it alone and present themselves as dissidents: former Prime Minister and known close to President Macky Sall, Baun Abdullah Dion, former Interior Minister Ali Nkoile Ndiaye, as well as Mem Boye Diao. Golda Meyer.

In the opposition ranks, we include Bassirou Diomaye Fay, who was released from prison a week before the end of the campaign. Former BASTEP's No. 2 is the party's plan B after ousting their leader, Usman Sonko, over defamation charges.

Among the candidates are prominent figures in political life, such as former Prime Minister Idrissa Sahek, who is running for a fourth term. Khalifa Sal, the former mayor of Dakar, served several terms as a minister Abdu Deuf Even if he is unable to contest in 2019, he will participate in this election.

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Finally, there is only one woman candidate for this presidential election: 40-year-old business manager Anta Babakar Ngome. He is one of the youngest.

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