March 3, 2024

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8 Controversial Moments During Elizabeth II’s Reign

8 Controversial Moments During Elizabeth II’s Reign

During her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II had some controversial moments with politicians: here they are.

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1) Tensions reportedly arose between the Queen and Jacqueline Kennedy and her husband John F Kennedy when they visited Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth II would have been jealous of the attention Mr Kennedy received.

2) US President Jimmy Carter broke royal protocol by kissing the Queen Mother, Elizabeth II’s mother, on the lips during his visit.

3) Michelle Obama caused quite a stir when she put her arm around the Queen during her first visit to Buckingham Palace. Mrs Obama only later realized her gesture was a “misstep” because sovereignty should not be touched.

4) While he was at Windsor Castle, Donald Trump broke with royal tradition several times. For example, he chose a handshake instead of a note when greeting the Queen. Also, he had already walked in front of Elizabeth II and would have cut her down too.

5) Later in 2018, former US President and former First Lady Melania Trump wore a brooch given to her by the Obamas on the first day of her visit to the UK. A subtle sign of his opinion of Trump?

6) Elizabeth II wears a Burmese ruby ​​tiara during a 2019 dinner for the Trumps at Buckingham Palace. However, this crown is “a symbol of protection against disease and evil”. Some say she wore this turban on purpose.

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7) During the same state dinner, Trump lightly touched the Queen’s back, which is said to be a breach of royal protocol. This meant that no one was to touch Elizabeth II unless she first extended her hand.

8) When he first met the Queen, Joe Biden broke royal protocol by wearing his sunglasses.

-With information from The Insider