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94th Academy Awards | Emotion rather than merit

94th Academy Awards |  Emotion rather than merit

(Los Angeles) At the start of the race, no one put up Koda One of the favorites to win Hollywood’s top honors. How can this wonderful reversal of the situation be explained? Let’s try to see it clearly.

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Mark-Andre Lucier

Mark-Andre Lucier

Yes, they are beautiful to look at. Each file was collected by artisans Koda During the awards season, there was a sense of pride, with an awareness of the responsibility to represent well the difficult community that hears on the most beautiful sites in the world. One cannot help but be touched by this honest and communicative joy. It finally offers a moment of unparalleled superiority to be finally seen, recognized and highly regarded during the most important Hollywood evening of the year.

Corn Koda, The most beautiful cinematic record of 2021? Really? Larger than The power of the dog And his visual poetry? More vibrant than Western story And its inspired platform? And more efficient than that Dunes, This almost impossible adaptation bet, brilliantly taken by Denise Villanuev? It’s a little annoying when you think about it …

When the wind blows …

In principle, the Oscars celebrate the best in the film industry. The voting members, and all the experts working in the field, are in a position to recognize what an exceptional achievement in the practice of the art of cinema.

However, sometimes the emotion is more than worthy. Since the beginning of January, when a favorite movie has won practically all the awards, sometimes the feeling of exhaustion suddenly turns the tide. Voters who are the last to make a decision at the end of a very long process, seem unaware that it is time for another product to be worthy of its glorious moment. This happened in 2006 Accident (Before Broken mountain), In 2013 Arco (Before Lincoln), In 2017 Moonlight (Before La La land), In 2019 The Green Book (Before Rome), And in 2020 Parasite (Before 1917)

In the case Koda, The first Oscar winner for Best Picture to launch at the Sundance Festival (won all), we must add another element: Circumstances. Filed relatively casually on the Apple TV + site in August, this is an American remake Aries family, Written and directed by Sean Header, is one of the most comforting and “beneficial” works. At this time, in addition to a persistent epidemic, a war is raging in a European country, and it is almost certain that this factor plays a role. The cinema community wants to direct its affection towards the consensus story, which restores man’s confidence.

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Around the Dolby Theater, many spectators also pointed out the advantages of the preferred method for small productions. Koda. The Oscars for Best Picture – and not only this – are actually determined by the ballots that the voters have to categorize the 10 films in the stream of their choice, meaning that a film that will delight everyone in the world can still lurk. Success. The power of the dog He has held a number of high positions arguably, but may have been misjudged by those who are not very enthusiastic.

A popular competition

Is true Koda Mentioned only three times during the ceremony, he won the three gold statues that were in the flow (film, adaptation screenplay and cast in supporting role – Troy Kotsur), well indicating the evolution of the vote. Many members of the academy have undoubtedly discovered Koda After the list of finalists is announced. They looked at this “iconic image” that they still did not have time to look at and were heartbroken and supportive.

Voters – now over 9,000 – have access to a site where all the products running are compiled together, without having to look in one room. There really is reason to ask that Koda Would not have benefited from a design that played better on the TV screen than such products The power of the dog Where DunesThe big screen will be appreciated first.

LikeArmy of the DeadThanks to the poll conducted on social networks, the Oscar for the most popular film, Koda Eventually won a popular competition with members of the academy. How happy we are for its artisans, Koda However, it does not go down in history for its cinematographic qualities. Is the academy losing sight of its primary mission, which is rewarding excellence? The question of.

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