April 20, 2024

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A lawyer mysteriously disappears during his pee break

A lawyer mysteriously disappears during his pee break

A story for the underdog, in the arrest of a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction.

Steve Cozzi, a Florida attorney slipped into the bathroom to relieve himself, but never returned from his pee break. His disappearance on March 21 quickly alarmed his office colleagues.

The 41-year-old lawyer left behind his cell phone, keys and wallet.

Security cameras did not capture him leaving the offices of the Blanchard company where he works. But, police said, “the men’s toilet he used had a strong chemical smell and small drops of blood.”

“A forensic investigation revealed a significant amount of blood in the same toilet compartment, according to the police report.

“Largo police investigators began searching for the man who was seen in the office building at the same time as the victim and his vehicle,” The Daily Beast recounts.

The investigation was able to trace the route to the residence of 44-year-old Tomasz Roman Kosowski. Police obtained a warrant to search his home in Tarpon Springs. Dr Kosowski was arrested on Saturday and charged with murder.

Authorities have not said if the body of attorney Steve Gozzi has been found.

“Our worst fears have come true. My husband, my best friend has been stolen from us,” Michael Montgomery, the victim’s husband, wrote on Facebook.

Dr. Tomasz Roman Kosowski is being sued by disgruntled patients. The doctor appears to have alleged that his ‘promising career has been destroyed and his income affected’.

Court records show that Blanchard’s firm Steve Cozzi acted for patients in a case against a plastic surgeon, but Mr. It’s not clear if Kosi worked.

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According to The Daily Beast