February 22, 2024

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Don’t touch our earned rights!

Don’t touch our earned rights!

You know the story of the guy who meets a girl and falls madly in love with her?

For weeks, he’s been very nice to her, bringing her breakfast in bed.

Coffee, croissants, orange juice, a fresh little flower – in short, the whole thing.

Then one day, the guy wakes up, kisses his beau, and is about to go to work, when the girl angrily calls him.

“Hey, ho! And my lunch? don’t you love me anymore »

Moral: Nothing is more difficult than considering the rights a person has acquired.

We don’t back up!

This is what is happening in France.

The government says: “Well, listen, the economic and demographic situation has changed, the old ways of doing things no longer exist, and we have to push the retirement age to 62 to 64 to accommodate the new reality. »

Conclusion: The country explodes.

“You will not take away our earned rights! »

Yes, I understand, it’s not easy, but anyway, look at the situation, we can’t go on anymore, and…

“You will not take away our earned rights!!! »

I hear you, it’s not fun to retreat, but what you want is more retirees and fewer and fewer workers, and you don’t want more immigration, so…

“You will not take away our purchased rights!” Go, hop, we’ve set the shot on fire! »

You can calmly explain the situation to them, and all the statistics, all the population projections and all the statistical tables, do nothing.

They are on their way out.

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All they see is that the government brought them breakfast in bed for decades and now it doesn’t.

So they set fire to newspapers and threw stones at the police.

As de Gaulle said: “France is capable of revolutions, but not of reforms. »

Cut off the king’s head? No problem, bring the guillotine sharpener and the basket!

But should the retirement age be raised from 62 to 64?

It’s not right, is it?

Always more!

It’s like this: For most people, government can only go in one direction.

in front

Ahead though, there is a rock.

Look at the “fake austerity” of the Couillard government.

The government has not cut spending. This restrained the growth of costs.

Government spending continued to increase, but at a slower pace.

Conclusion: We acted as if the government stopped our supplies.

As the millionaire faucet continued to flow.

Nothing is more difficult for the government than whether vested rights are considered right or wrong.

On the one hand, taxpayers complain of high taxes and levies.

But don’t cut costs! Because we are going to organize strikes across the kingdom!

So what do we do?

We do nothing! We continue in the same direction!

Even if it drives us into the wall!