September 22, 2023

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A newsreader is suspended after an uncomfortably disastrous newsletter

Saturday night, viewers watching a local newscast from the CBS affiliate in Albany had a special experience.

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Distraught, sweaty, and broken, Heather Gower struggled to get through the bulletin. To the extent that the broadcast ends earlier.

With his long, meaningless sentences and his forgetting the name of his weather colleague, the journalist’s behavior disturbed many listeners, who expressed their concerns on social networks. Many noted that the woman appeared drunk or that she was under the influence of another substance.

On Sunday morning, Gower indicated in a tweet — since deleted — that he would return to the evening bulletin.

However, some time later, the vice president of the WRGB announced that the woman had been suspended indefinitely. He added that there would be an internal investigation to determine the circumstances behind the disaster bulletin.

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