June 2, 2023

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Accelerating to $65 million in its opening weekend after Thursday’s $7.5 million – Deadline

Friday afternoon: universal X is fast It goes the way it was expected in the US, with a stretch $27 million Friday on the way to $65 million in 4046 locations. This is to be expected for a long-running franchise, especially the sequel arriving quickly two years later in 2021 F9 (Opening $70 million).

X is fastFriday includes a $7.5 million preview Thursday. This Friday number (plus previews) is 9% behind the same as the first day/Thursday F9 which was $29.8 million. This movie actually jumped the shark and took a pair of Fast going into space? What are you doing now? Add Jason Momoa as the main bad guy to the mix. And as said, when it comes to making money on this $300 million production, it’s all about the outside. Over the course of two days, it earned close to $70 million. totaling $37 million, X is fast Witnesses the biggest blowout for the title of Hollywood Studio of the Year in China to date.

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Disney / Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 4,450 theaters eyeing an estimated $8.2 million on Friday for its third weekend of $32.7 million-46% for a total run $267.2 million. That’s a really good hold since Universal took over all the PLF and Imax screens from the PIC. This third weekend sum isn’t far behind GOTG2$34.6 million (-47%), up 30% ahead of the third session of GOTG$25.1 million (-40%).

Lighting / Universal / Nintendo Super Mario Bros In 3,540 theaters eyeing $2.2 million on Friday, a seventh weekend of… $9.5 million-25%, for a total run 549 million dollars.

The second weekend of Focus Features in Book Club: The Next Chapter in 3,513 theatres 3 million dollars-55% in fourth place for a $13.1 million It takes ten days. Friday about $900,000.

new font evil dead rise In 2,173 theaters, it grossed $630,000 on its Friday and fifth weekend $2.2 million On the fifth, -42%, and running on Sunday from $63.9 million.

Preceding Friday morning: universal X is fastAnd In what was an early start to previews for the franchise at 2 p.m $7.5 million Thursday numbers. Projections put the 10th running Louis Leterrier at over $60 million this weekend, with an even larger amount of Gas out at $235 million.

How did last night stack up: Ex F9 In 2021, Thursday saw $7.1 million in premieres after showtimes that began at 7 p.m., leading to a $70 million opening in the first summer for fully reopened cinemas from Covid.

The franchise’s best Thursday numbers came from 2015 angry 7 ($15.8m, $147.1m 3d) and 2017 angry fate ($10.4 million, $98.7 million for three days). Before the 2013 Memorial Day weekend, fast and furious 6 They earned $7.5 million from the late-night shows starting at 10 p.m., which resulted in $97.3 million in three days, and $117 million over four days.

X is fast The number of cycles to a total of 4,048 theaters in North America today.

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Deadline’s Nancy Tartaglione will have more updates this morning on the international front, however X is fast, starring the series’ new stars Jason Momoa and Brie Larson, already had a stellar day out at $58.6 million. It’s made $25.7 million through Thursday from China, and on Wednesday it posted figures of $32.9 million from 38 markets. The pic was #1 in every region it debuted in including China, France, Germany and Korea.

RelishMix Social Media Report: “Will the absence of late-night talk shows mitigate the impact on… X is fast Campaign as well as the rainy F1 race in Italy this weekend? As the most powerful adventure film social franchise, the tenth film’s social digital hyperstat and awareness levels record hypersocial media levels at 1.3 billion across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok combined. Baseline levels are above historical standards. This campaign extends further across Twitter and TikTok as viewership levels are balanced across platforms — as well as the Big Game site from Super Bowl 57, which saw an increase of 94.1 million views of its online trailer in the 24 hours following the game. “

X is fastSocial media access to the opening under angry fate Near 1.9 billion and above F9$1.29 billion.

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