April 14, 2024

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Almost 155,000 skilled workers want to immigrate to Quebec

Almost 155,000 skilled workers want to immigrate to Quebec

A reform of the Legault government's immigration programs, announced last year, does not appear to be slowing down the desire of many eligible workers to immigrate to Quebec. Nearly 155,000 applicants are waiting on the government's Arrima portal, Radio-Canada has learned, as the latest data provides the most comprehensive portrait of their socio-demographic profile.

More precisely, as of January 31, there were 154,700 skilled workers. Active expression of interest They had already made a formal application, still valid, on the Arrima portal, meaning to immigrate permanently to Quebec.

In descending order, Algerians show the most interest in Quebec (20,465 interest requests), followed by Cameroonians (17,249), Moroccans (14,073), Senegalese (13,088), Egyptians (10,969) and Syrians (10,395).

Followed by Tunisians (8284), Ivorians (6148), French (6091), Indians (6038), Togolese (2705) and Haitians (2579) followed by a long line of countries with fewer than 2000 expressions of interest.

The data, which comes from a request for access to information available on the website of the Ministry of Immigration, Franchise and Integration (MIFI), proves that Quebec continues to be attractive, according to immigration lawyer Me Maxime Lapointe.