June 17, 2024

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Archery attack in Norway: Danish convert to Islam suspected of extremism

OSLO, Norway | The accused An archery attack that killed five people in KansbergIn southeastern Norway, the 37-year-old Danish convert to Islam has been subject to “fear of radicalization” in the past, Norwegian police said on Thursday.

At a news conference in Dansberg on Thursday, Norwegian police officer Ole Friedrob Sverd said, “This is a conversion to Islam.”

“Previously there were fears related to intensification,” he added, adding that these fears were 2020 and earlier, and they led to police surveillance.

Five people were killed and two wounded in the attack, which shocked the peaceful Scandinavian kingdom, which has already been ravaged by two far-right attacks over the past decade.

“We are exploring other things to clarify whether this is a terrorist attack,” Ole Frederub Severut said. “We firmly believe he acted alone.”

The victims were four women and a man between the ages of 50 and 70, and none of the injured were in critical condition, he said. Police said the suspect admitted the facts during his interrogation.

A Danish man living in Kansberg, a small town of about 25,000 people about 80 kilometers west of Oslo, was questioned by investigators overnight and is due to appear in court on Thursday or Friday. .

According to his lawyer, Frederick Newman, he is co.

“He explains himself in detail. He speaks well with the police and cooperates,” he told reporters.

The attack took place in several places in a large area of ​​Kansberg, including a supermarket. A policeman who was not on duty there at the time was injured.

Police, who alerted at 6:12 pm (local time), arrested the suspect half an hour later, at 6:47 pm when they were stopped by arrows and alerted.

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Other weapons used

The magazine published photos of black arrows, apparently competing, lying on the floor or one of them, firmly embedded in the wall.

The suspect also used other weapons, the nature of which is not specified, police say.

Witnesses explained the horrific feeling that gripped the people of Kansberg.

A woman named Hansine, who witnessed the attack, told TV2 she heard a murmur and saw a woman covering up, as well as “a man with an arrow on his shoulder and a bow in his hand”.

“Later, I saw people running for their lives. One of them was holding a baby girl in his arms,” ​​he confessed to the channel.

The attack comes on the last day of Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s order, which is set to hand over power to a new center – left government led by Jonas Care Store on Thursday. September 13 parliamentary election.

Mr Store condemned the “horrific acts” on Thursday.

“We are appalled by the tragedy in Kansberg,” King Harold V responded, while UN President Antonio Guterres said in a tweet that he was “shocked and saddened”.

In response to the attack, police, who are usually unarmed, will temporarily carry weapons across the country.

Several planned Islamic attacks in Norway have been thwarted in the past.

But the peaceful Scandinavian nation has lost two far-right attacks over the past decade.

On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb near a government seat in Oslo, killing 77 people and injuring 69 others, before firing on a workers’ youth rally on the island of Usya.

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In August 2019, Philip Manshas was shot dead in a mosque near Oslo. He had previously racially abused his foster sister, who was of Asian descent.

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