June 20, 2024

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“Autonomous” drug trafficker | Colombia is preparing to hand over to the United States

(Carepa) The Colombian government announced on Sunday that it was preparing to deport the United States, the leader of the country’s most powerful drug trafficking gang, captured the previous day during an operation in the northwest of the country.

There is a surrender order “against autonomy” [vers les États-Unis] […] It is still in progress, ”Defense Minister Diego Molano told the newspaper Time.

Diro Antonio Usuka, “Otoniel”, 50, and leader of Clan del Colpo was arrested during a military and police operation in the jungles of northwestern Colombia, in which about 700 men took part with the support of 18 helicopters.

The United States and Colombia have offered more than $ 5 million in rewards for his arrest. The United States has offered a $ 5 million reward for his arrest.

“The drug trade is the biggest blow of this century, but we are not going to stop there,” said President Evan Duke, who paid tribute to a policeman who died in action against “autonomy.”

The government alleges that dissidents of the National Liberation Army (ELN), the last active guerrilla in the country, and FARC guerrillas who laid down their arms after the 2016 peace process are making money from drugs. Smuggling and illegal mining.

In five decades of drug dealing with US support, Colombia killed or captured several drug lords in 1993, including Pablo Escobar, who was shot dead by law enforcement. However, the country remains a leading manufacturer. World Cocaine and the United States, the largest buyer.

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