April 24, 2024

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Attack on Capitol: Commission condemns Trump’s “shameless” manipulation

Attack on Capitol: Commission condemns Trump’s “shameless” manipulation

During this fifth general hearing, nine elected officials – seven Democrats and two Republicans – were rejected by their party. Trump described the pressure on the department and his efforts to get one of his loyalists ready to lead. Interference in the results of the presidential election.

Donald Trump does not want a judicial inquiry alone. He wanted the judiciary to help justify his lies and claim that the election was rigged.Commission Chairman Benny Thompson noted.

Elected officials returned to tensions within the department in the days leading up to January 6, 2021, when an assaulted president encountered an insurgency while trying to appoint one of his relatives as head of the company.

It is a shameful attempt to use the judiciary to advance the personal political interests of the president.Mr. Thompson added.

Former Deputy Secretary of Justice Richard Donogue testified that he had repeatedly told the former US president that allegations of voter fraud were baseless.

He said he had won the presidential election. Trump said again. The president said, “Let’s say the election was rigged and leave the rest in the hands of me and the elected Republicans.”Mr. Donoku, Mr. Said based on notes taken during a telephone conversation with Trump and former Justice Secretary Jeffrey Rosen.

Trump wanted to name someone close to him

Seeing that the top officials of the judiciary refused to bend, the incumbent President sought to appoint one of his relatives as the head of the company. Jeffrey Clark, an interim official who supported the president’s theory of fraudulent elections, said the November referendum should overturn the department’s findings that there is no evidence of fraud that could change the outcome.

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Jeffrey Clark, on behalf of the department, must intervene if Joe Biden refuses to certify the election results in the key state of Georgia, which won by an early 12,000 votes.

To the elected officials of Georgia, Mr. The commission heard that Clark had prepared a letter in which he said that the department had found evidence of massive fraud in Georgia, which was untrue. But other judicial officials refused to sign the letter, and Eric Hershman, one of the White House’s legal advisers, said he had sent the letter to Jeff Clark. Crime.

Mr. Trump told Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoge that they would be fired and instructed to appoint Jeffrey Clark as executive secretary.

I answered him […] Mr. President, you have to have the right leaders, but you have to understand that the judiciary operates on the basis of facts, evidence and laws. And it does not change.

A quote Richard Donogue, former Deputy Secretary of the Judiciary

The former assistant secretary also warned of Jeffrey Clark’s attempts to prove fraud allegations. The intervention of the judiciary in the results of the presidential election is nothing short of overwhelming.

Threat of resignation

Jeffrey Rosen, Richard Donogue, Steven Engel, a senior department official, and White House lawyer Pat Cipollone threatened to resign during a meeting with the president on January 3.

Donald Trump dropped the name of Jeffrey Clark, who refused to testify before the Commission of Inquiry.

The Commission of Inquiry announced on Wednesday that two additional sessions would be held in July.

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On July 4, Congress interrupted its work for two weeks.

After a year of investigation, the commission wants to present its findings by the end of the summer, which puts Donald Trump at heart. Try a plot. It culminated in the attack on the Congress building in Washington on January 6, 2021 by hundreds of his supporters, and elected officials testified to Joe Biden’s victory.

Images of the Capitol and the chaos around it went around the world and shook American democracy for hours.