June 20, 2024

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“Be careful in your language,” Pope tells his mother-in-law

“Be careful in your language,” Pope tells his mother-in-law

Pope Francis paid tribute to his mother-in-law on Wednesday, often suffering from the most trivial “clichs” according to her, while urging them to “be careful”. [leur] Language “, especially in their dealings with their daughters – in – law.

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During his public visit to St. Peter’s Square this Wednesday morning, he made a lengthy distraction about the “mythical character” of the sovereign pope’s mother, dedicating relations between generations.

“Mother-in-law, I’m not saying we see her as a devil, but she’s always been treated with contempt. But the mother-in-law is your husband’s mother and your wife’s mother, ”he said.

“We tell ourselves that the farther the mother-in-law is, the better. But no, she’s a mother, she’s an old woman. One of the most beautiful things for a woman is grandchildren. As soon as her children are born, she comes back to life, ”said the 85-year-old Argentine pope.

To daughters-in-law, George Bergoglio issued this warning: “Take care of your relationships with your in-laws. Sometimes they’re a little special, but they gave your spouse motherhood, “he added,” at least make them happy. “

Finally, to the in-laws, Franுவாois addressed the warning: “I tell you, be careful how you express yourself. [les écarts] Language is one of the worst sins of mothers-in-law. “

On this occasion, the Pope apologized for leading the public audience, still greatly reduced by knee pain, and was recently forced to cancel several engagements.

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“I apologize, because I sit and greet you,” he began to his faithful at the end of the audience, at the end of which the Sovereign Pope traditionally wants to walk into the meeting.

“This knee healing is slow and I can’t stand it for a long time. I apologize, thank you,” he added.

Francis, who began his tenth year as pope in March, suffered from “severe” pain in his right knee, which recently prevented him from attending certain events or leading celebrations.

Earlier this month he had a hard time getting around on a two-day trip to the Mediterranean island of Malta.

In addition, he suffers from pelvic pain, which makes him depressed and in July 2021 he underwent a subtle colon surgery.

Last week, the pope told the Argentine newspaper Nation For the pain caused by the fracture of the tendon, he was treated by taking ice packs and painkillers on the knee.

According to his doctors, his pain will eventually disappear, but the healing process is “slowing down with his age”.