July 24, 2024

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Ukraine claims to have attacked Russian forces on Snake Island

Ukraine claims to have attacked Russian forces on Snake Island

The Ukrainian military says snakes in the Black Sea have bombed Russian positions on the island, which has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24.

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“Our forces carried out attacks on enemy positions on Snake Island,” the southern command of the Ukrainian army posted on Facebook on Tuesday evening, saying it had attacked a “checkpoint” and destroyed an organization. “The losses of the Russians are clear,” he added.

Russia has not confirmed whether any fire broke out on the island it controlled shortly after the start of the occupation of Ukraine on February 24.

This small island in the Black Sea has become a symbol of a radio transmission in Ukraine, which went viral on social media, in which, on the first day of the conflict, the Ukrainian border guards shouted “Fuck you, Russian military ship!” To the Russian ship, Moscow, which ordered them to surrender.

After this exchange, the ship bombed the island and the Ukrainian soldiers were captured. They were later released in exchange for prisoners, according to kyiv.

The recording of this verbal exchange served as an inspiration for the Ukrainian opposition, with border guards appearing on banners and Ukrainian stamps during pro-government protests abroad.

Kyiv reports that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, Mosque, was attacked by Ukrainian missiles and sank in mid-April. Moscow, for its part, said the ship was damaged by an explosion.

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