July 18, 2024

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Mulroney and military expansion in Ukraine

Mulroney and military expansion in Ukraine

On QUB radio last Friday, Brian Mulroney did not hesitate to condemn Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. A “disgusting and stupid” gesture. As for Putin, Mulroney calls him a war criminal. It’s hard to be hard.

Mulroni wants not only a stronger position in the negotiations with Russia, but also that allies seek victory.

And in his opinion, all the weapons that this country asks for should be sent to Ukraine.

Mulroni’s wish seems to have come true.

Listen to an interview with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on Vincent DeSuro’s microphone on QUB Radio

Now, the United States and its allies are not just talking about controlling the war on Ukraine. They want to break Russia’s back, so it will never do again what it is doing in Ukraine.

Why? Because Russia was trying to unite the sovereign country. Because she sought to suppress the democracy that had emerged in Ukraine. Because it has been involved in war crimes, from massacres to deportations of children, to systematic bombings of civilian establishments.

But above all, it showed that the Russian military was not living up to its reputation. Because it showed that the Ukrainian army could defeat the Russian army.

New goals

In other words, the war in Ukraine has changed its purpose and purpose.

Controlling Russia in Ukraine and expelling it is simply not a question.

It is a question of permanently weakening Russia by preventing it from strengthening its military, and therefore preventing it from strengthening itself economically.

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From now on, every month, the United States and its allies will meet in 40 countries to decide on new war operations against Russia.

This is an increase. This will encourage Vladimir Putin to negotiate, or better yet, hope that he is ousted from power.

Putin’s answer

For now, Putin is responding to the new position of Americans and their allies in three ways.

First, he reiterated his demand that NATO countries stop supplying arms to Ukraine. Obviously, if the Ukrainians had fewer weapons, the Russians’ victory would be guaranteed. Water did not stagnate on this request. Here again Mulroney’s wishes seem to be on track to be fulfilled.

Second, Putin threatens to use his nuclear weapons. But against whom? If he does that against the Ukrainians, he will lose the remaining international support. If he drops a bomb against a NATO country, it will be the start of World War III.

Third, new nodes can be opened. He deceives with the idea of ​​going to war against Moldova by demanding the protection of the Russians in Transnistria, the separatist territory of Moldova.

What is Canada doing in the meantime? He gives generously to Ukraine. He orders expensive, already outdated and poorly designed F-35s. Does Justin Trudeau really think about modernizing the Canadian military? No. But we can be sure that he will provide new uniforms for Canadian players. Why not uniforms in the colors of multiculturalism and diversity? What an amazing army we have!

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