July 20, 2024

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Putin has a ‘political place’ to leave Ukraine

Putin has a ‘political place’ to leave Ukraine

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has the “political space” to end his invasion of Ukraine, thanks in part to censorship in Russia, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.

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“Given Russia’s overwhelming support for what he’s doing and the apparent indifference of the Russian media to what is really going on in Ukraine, the paradox is that there is a lot of political space to support Putin and walk away,” Boris Johnson said. TalkTV.

Russia says its invasion of Ukraine is a “special military operation” and anyone who gives a different version of the events is imprisoned.

As a result, the initiative launched in Ukraine was hailed as a “success” and “technically a success.” Mr. Putin can tell the Russian people. Johnson said.

Russia has repeatedly warned of the possibility of escalating fighting in Ukraine into a nuclear conflict, with the West sending more powerful weapons to Kyiv.

But Mr Johnson insisted that the West did not need to give up despite the nuclear threat.

“I think he (Putin) has a lot of room, he has a lot of relaxation,” he stressed.

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