July 13, 2024

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Biden ad about “convicted felon” opposing him

Biden ad about “convicted felon” opposing him

Joe Biden is launching a punch ad against Donald Trump this Monday, emphasizing the Republican presidential candidate’s status as a “convicted felon” and recalling civil trials in which he was found guilty of sexual assault and fraud. The spot will air in key states in the 2024 presidential election as part of a $50 million advertising campaign.

“In court, we see who Donald Trump is. He was convicted of 34 felonies, sexual assault and financial fraud,” the ad’s narrator says over black-and-white photos of Trump marching in court. “Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants to cut health care costs and make big business pay their fair share.” is working.”

The ad presents the November vote as a choice between “a criminal who only cares about himself and a president who will fight for your family.” It remains to be seen how this frontline attack will be received. Meanwhile, A Census Politico/Ipsos, published this Monday, indicated that Trump’s conviction could hurt him among independents. Fewer than 21% of them say they are less likely to vote for the New York judge following his guilty verdict.

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