June 24, 2024

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Biden enhances screening, insists on vaccination | Corona virus

The organization where the Democrat leader delivered his speech on Tuesday may have been festive, but the theme was much less so. With four days to go before Christmas and the upcoming family reunions, Joe Biden has once again unveiled a strategy for winning the fight against the system. Fierce enemy Victims continue to claim.

We should all worry about Omicron, but don’t panic, He argued from the beginning in a twenty-minute speech from the White House, during which he said he understood the fatigue of American citizens.

Previously published by the White House, Joe Biden’s plan is to distribute 500 million free self-examination tests from January, which will be delivered to homes for Americans seeking on a website.

The Democratic president, since the beginning of his mandate last January, Announced a “war strategy” against COVID-19, Was comforting. If the situation is ReviewNevertheless, the country has the tools to overcome the crisis, he assured.

Despite the dizziness increase in the number of cases identified, the situation at the beginning of the crisis was not the same, he said.

Be aware that this is not like March 2020. 200 million Americans have received adequate immunizations. We are ready. We know more [sur la COVID-19]. We just have to focus [sur notre objectif].

A quote Joe Biden, President of the United States

Joe Biden said he would like to continue to use the Defense Production Act to expedite the production of drug tests.

He also announced an increase in federal assistance to hospitals. The Biden administration will mobilize 1,000 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from the military in January and February to help more medical staff in hospitals across the country.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will also help increase the intake capacity of hospitals.

The Biden administration wants to strengthen the country’s immunization capacity by establishing hundreds of federal vaccines and new vaccination centers, some of which will open their doors in New York this week.

At question time, Joe Biden defended himself for the delay in delivering the self-test, and was so annoyed. Didn’t take much time, He replied that such rapid progression of the Omigron variant was unpredictable.

The sign of its sophisticated spread came just 19 days after the first Omicron case was discovered in the United States. On Monday, it will become a dominant strain.

Focus on the vaccine – repeat

Nearly two-thirds of Americans over the age of 5 are fully vaccinated.

Photo: Associated Press / Laura Unger

President Biden also renewed his appeal in support of the vaccine and devoted most of his speech to it.

There are those who have not been vaccinated Good reasons [s’]Anxiety, He said over and over again, increasing the risk of contracting the virus, transmitting it, being hospitalized and eventually dying from it.

I know I’m going to criticize all of these unvaccinated people, you, your family and frankly – your country. […] I truly believe that this is your patriotic duty, He declared.

Your choice will mark the difference between life and death.

A quote Joe Biden, President of the United States

About 400,000 Americans have died of Govt disease this year, and almost everyone has not been vaccinated, Joe Biden recalled.

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Properly vaccinated people are more likely to have mild symptoms if they are infected with the corona virus, he said, encouraging vaccinated Americans to receive a third dose.

I got my booster needle as soon as I got it. The next day, former President Trump announced he had a booster dose, he said. This may be one of the few things he and I agree on. Withdrawals are greatly protected.

On Sunday, Donald Trump told visitors in Dallas about his vaccine status, drawing excitement from part of the crowd.

The Vaccination duties Not implemented Take control of your life, But to save some, Mr. Biden argued. He noted that recently the courts have ruled in favor of compulsory vaccination in large companies.

Referring to the recession in vaccination since the summer, considerable margins from Republicans oppose it, Joe Biden pointed out. Dangerous misinformation On cable media like social media and Fox News, he did not name, however, he insisted on themStop.

You know, these companies and these personalities make money by allowing false information and spreading lies that can kill their own clients and their followers. This should not be. This is immoral.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Tuesday, only 65.5% of Americans over the age of 5 are fully vaccinated (one or two doses, depending on the vaccine). Only a third of Americans 18 and over have received an injection.

There is no new prison in view

New measures announced will prevent businesses or schools from closing. We can keep our primary and secondary schools open. This is what we need to doJoe Biden said about the ethics in place.

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The U.S. president did not encourage Americans to celebrate Christmas in small numbers or to avoid travel.

If you get vaccinated and follow the precautionary measures we know, you will be comfortable celebrating the Christmas holidays as planned. You know you did the right thing. Enjoy the final celebrations of the year, he said.

The first case of omigran on American soil was released almost three weeks after it was discovered Joe Biden’s Winter Strategy These include free self-testing for the corona virus, tightening test hours for international travelers, and launching a nationwide campaign to get incentives for American adults.

Since then, the spread of this variation has been amazing. The CDC said Monday that Omigron is currently responsible for three-quarters of the new Covid-19 cases in the United States.

As of December 20, there were an average of 143,000 new cases daily in the country over seven days, up from 86,500 at the beginning of the month. New York Times.