July 24, 2024

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Biden has taken Russia-US relations to the brink of collapse

Biden has taken Russia-US relations to the brink of collapse

President Joe Biden has accused Russia of summoning the US ambassador on Monday and pushing relations between Washington and Moscow “to the brink of collapse” with his “incompetent” statements targeting Vladimir Putin.

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Russia’s envoy Vladimir Putin has been accused of “war crimes” in connection with his attack on Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called Biden’s statements “unworthy of a high-ranking politician.” Summoned by US Representative.

The ministry said such comments had informed US Ambassador John Sullivan that they were “bringing Russia-US relations to the brink.”

He also warned that “hostile actions against Russia will be firmly and decisively thwarted.”

Joe Biden first called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” last week.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced the rhetoric as “unacceptable and unforgivable.”

U.S. Diplomats spokesman Netflix reiterated Monday that the United States had “seen clear evidence” that the Russians were “deliberately targeting civilians and carrying out indiscriminate attacks” in response to the ambassador’s summons.

“President Biden’s comments last week” indicate the horror of Russia’s brutality against an innocent neighbor, “he said.

Netflix does not want to confirm the risk of a “breakdown” in diplomatic relations.

“We believe it is important to maintain communication channels with Russia,” as well as the US embassy in Moscow and the Russian embassy in Washington, “especially during times of tension and conflict,” he told reporters.

“The Russians are constantly taking steps to question their own will to keep these means of communication open,” he lamented.

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A US spokesman confirmed that the US ambassador had “used the meeting to demand that the Russian government respect international law and basic human dignity by allowing diplomatic access to all Americans detained in Russia.”

He emphasized that the rejection of US demands in recent months was “absolutely unacceptable”.

U.S. basketball star Britney Greiner has been detained in Russia for more than a month after being arrested with “vapes and a strange-smelling liquid” and cannabis oil at an airport near Moscow, according to Russian custom.

Washington has long called for the release of Americans Paul Whelan and Trevor Reid from prison in Russia.