July 17, 2024

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Biden is trying to reassure donors after his disastrous debate

Biden is trying to reassure donors after his disastrous debate

U.S. President Joe Biden attended three fundraisers for his campaign on Saturday and sought to reassure his most generous donors that he could win the presidency despite his dismal performance during the debate against his predecessor, Donald Trump.

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“I’m not having a good evening, but neither is Trump,” the Democratic candidate said at a rally in the northeastern US states of New York and New Jersey.

I promise that we will win this election,” he added.

Jill Biden forcefully defended her 81-year-old husband in the face of calls to withdraw his candidacy, saying “Joe is not only the right person for the job, he’s the only one.”

The two traveled to New Jersey on Saturday for a fundraiser, which was also attended by the state’s Democratic governor, Bill Murphy.

“I understand your concern after the debate,” the US president announced: “I’m going to fight hard.”


Doubts have been cast over Joe Biden’s candidacy during Thursday evening’s debate against former President Donald Trump, with slurred words, unfinished sentences and an angry outburst that rattled his supporters and sparked media reaction.

In an editorial, the prestigious US daily New York Times portrayed Mr Biden as “a shadow of a leader” after he “failed his own test” during the televised battle.

“The greatest public service Mr. Biden could do today is to announce that he will not seek re-election,” wrote the editorial board, though he is “an admirable president.”

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No one in the Democratic Party has called for him to step down. Former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton reiterated their support for Joe Biden on Friday.

According to a public memo from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, the chair of the Democratic candidate’s campaign committee, an internal poll after the debate “perceptions of voters.” [n’avaient] Not changed.”

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon said support grew during and after the debate. According to him, 27 million dollars (25 million euros) could be raised by Friday evening.