July 14, 2024

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The first hurricane of the year could be much earlier

Published on June 29, 2024 at 4:12 pm

Beryl, the second tropical storm of the year to be named, could make a record in the coming hours. Will its winds push it toward hurricane status or a major hurricane? Predictions.

Beryl is a system that wants to impose itself

This strong structure began to take shape late in the evening on Friday, June 28. Although it is still a tropical storm, the system is strengthening. He’s taking his time, but he’s definitely getting ready to demonstrate the full extent of his power! NOAA expects rapid intensification of this system. It could reach major hurricane status by Monday morning.

Beryl 1 MAJ

Departments surprised by this sudden arrival

On its way, Beryl will take a path toward the Antilles and may reach Category 3 hurricane status before making landfall. It plans to attack Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Martinique. In fact, Barbados has already issued a hurricane watch and is monitoring the situation very closely. Departments from St. Lucia to Grenada quickly followed suit.

Beryl 4

Residents in areas along Beryl’s path can expect heavy rainfall (perhaps over 150mm). Floods, flash floods and landslides cannot be avoided. Not forgetting that some of the infrastructure in the Antilles is very fragile. Strong winds will also blow in these areas.

A lead of an intensity that stands out

As these types of extreme weather systems follow their normal course, the second named system of the year will be baptized on July 17. On the hurricane side, we’re talking about August 11th. So, Beryl is clearly ahead! However, it is becoming more common to bring these dates forward, especially in the last five years.

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Beryl 2 MAJ

The big highlight of the Beryl “event”? If it becomes a hurricane, it will be very quickly. A hurricane in June (yes, yes, it seems like the last day of the month, the 30th, but this is what happens to Beryl), is still rare. In recent years, it’s been more in July or September… except for Hurricane Alex in 2016. In January it decided to announce itself! An unusual event to say the least. But beware! Beryl doesn’t have her last word… Because Beryl’s face is changing so fast, it’s unlikely that this will become the biggest hurricane since Alma on June 8, 1966!

Beryl 3

Another very interesting little fact: Beryl may become the first hurricane to form in the Atlantic this Far East. Typically, hurricanes form deep in the heart of the ocean late in the season. Clearly, dear Beryl does not want to be overlooked!

In collaboration with meteorologist Alexandra Giroux.

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