December 8, 2023

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Black man killed by police | According to an independent autopsy, Patrick Leoya was shot in the back of the neck.

(Detroit) During an independent autopsy, family lawyers said Tuesday that Patrick Leo, a black man, was found shot in the back of the neck by a Michigan city police officer.

Posted yesterday at 3:26 pm.

Mike Householder and Ed White
Associated Press

Seen last week in a video released by the Grand Rapids Police Superintendent and fits the report of a former medical examiner from the Detroit area.

The official autopsy report has not been released.

Dr. Werner Spitz, Mr. He grabbed the skull hole to show where the bullet had entered Leo’s head.

On April 4, Patrick Leoya was killed when he was stopped for a traffic stop by a Grand Rapids police officer. Mr. Before Leoya was shot, he and the white policeman physically and on the ground fought.

Mr. The policeman was above him when Leoya was unarmed. In one video, we hear an officer ordering a police officer to put down an electric shock gun he had taken out of its holster.

“We can confirm that Patrick Leo was shot in the back of the neck,” attorney Ben Crump said Tuesday. It is now scientific evidence that this tragic death and the belief that his family was executed. ⁇

MAnd Crump, who has previously negotiated multi-million dollar settlements for the families of other black men killed by police in the United States, said Mr Leoya could have had a “longer and more productive life.”

Mr. Leo’s death has angered her family and many who watched the video of the confrontation with police.

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In the video of the roadside check, Mr. said the vehicle’s license plate did not match. We ask the policeman to explain to Leo. Mr. Leoya refuses to get back into the vehicle on the policeman’s orders, and a short foot chase ensues.

The Michigan State Police will present their investigation report to the Kent County Attorney, who will then decide whether he or she should be charged.

Mr. Leoya’s funeral is scheduled for Friday at the Grand Rapids. The Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network said it would help cover the family’s final expenses. The theologian will deliver the salutation.