May 25, 2024

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Change of activities: Quebec is playing on our nerves

Franுவாois Legault’s team turned upside down again on Tuesday, reversing several screening procedures and returning to the isolation order he had ordered a few days earlier.

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“We have to do with the resources we have,” D.C.Re Mary-France Renault, Medical Adviser to the Directorate of Public Health.

As of Wednesday, three orders have been changed. Quebec is ringing a significant death knell for PCR tests for the general public.

Therefore, cubes should return to quick tests to find out if they are infected with the virus.

“If tests are not available, people with symptoms compatible with COVID should consider themselves a case in point and isolate themselves,” D said.Re Renault.

Taken in surprise

The new move came as a surprise to Montreal Public Health, which was not contacted before it was announced to the media, according to our sources.

To meet the growing demand for more and more rapid tests, TVA Nouvelles learned that Quebec will receive “several millions” this week. They will be included in the three million tests offered Wednesday.

A month ago, Quebec reaffirmed that rapid tests in front of a screening center for the population would act as a “first filter”.

“We look at COVID, but we also look at the implications of our actions.Re Renault.

Quebec has therefore reduced the duration of isolation and revised the definition of contact cases.

Only people living with a positive case should now isolate themselves. Other contacts should pay attention to their symptoms … unless they are employed in a day care center.

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Contrary to what Quebec announced on December 30, workers at childcare centers and other day care centers in the province will eventually have to isolate themselves if they come across a positive case at work.

The concept of science

D believes the relaxations put in place by Quebec are “a bet that can burn us out”R. Donald Vin, Infectious Disease Specialist – Microbiologist at McGill University Health Center.

“Based on what we can predict in social events, we are able to guide care in hospitals. If we take into account what is happening in the community, we leave hospitals without management,” he affirms.

Benoit Barbeau, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UQAM, said: “We really set aside the data provided by the follow-up.

3 Modified activities

1. PCR tests are no longer available to the population

Quebec is now asking for quick tests. However, PCR testing may continue to be available if certain groups, including health workers, residents and nursing homes who are in contact with patients, and hospital patients show symptoms.

2. Isolation Lighter

The person who has been properly vaccinated should be isolated for only five days, unlike the previous 10 days. To be isolated, she must have no symptoms, or they must have improved, and have not had a fever for at least 24 hours. She may return to work, but must wear a mask at all times and keep the distance for the next five days.

3. Further changes For day care

Employees working in childcare centers and other day care centers may eventually have to isolate themselves for up to five days if they come in contact with positive cases at work. The isolation period for children increases to 10 days.

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