June 24, 2024

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COP26 | “No big changes,” laments Greta Dunberg

(Stockholm) Another conference that did not lead to “big changes”: Two weeks before COP26, Swedish activist Greta Dunberg lamented early on Saturday, though “important” for the future of the planet.

On the sidelines of a climate concert in Stockholm, the iconic figure of the future movement for Fridays told AFP “This COP will not bring big changes.”

The young woman surprised the crowd with her song and dance as she confronted several thousand people who had dared the autumn cold to listen to twenty artists. I will never let you down D. Rick Astley.

COP26 and all international conferences have the potential to “make a difference by bringing together so many people. So we need to make sure we take advantage of this opportunity”, the activist added: “We must continue to push!”

At a conference in Glasgow, Scotland, states around the world are expected to negotiate and commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from October 31 to November 12.

My hope, of course, is to act on the sudden realization that we are facing an existential crisis.

Greta Dunberg

According to her, we now need to “shift the focus and not try to create key areas in the plans anymore, but to save the living conditions of the planet, the present and future generations.”

According to the latest UN estimates released in mid-September, the world is heading for a “catastrophic” global warming of + 2.7 ° C by the end of the century, while each additional part of a degree is amplifying the effects dramatically.

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