May 23, 2024

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Corbin Carroll is out with a right shoulder injury against the Rays

Corbin Carroll is out with a right shoulder injury against the Rays

PHOENIX — The D-backs fell to the Rays, 6-1, Thursday afternoon to drop their second straight series, but it could have been worse for Arizona. Much worse.

Carroll underwent strength tests after coming off the game and, according to D linebackers coach Tori Lovolo, had a strong and stable shoulder.

It was a relief to everyone involved, and Lovolo said Carol would be there day in and day out.

“A really weird feeling in my shoulder that I haven’t had since the injury happened,” Carroll said, referring to the 2021 injury. “So it hit me pretty well. [I] He was very worried and just wanted to make sure the stability was there. And they checked it out, and I got the go-ahead there, which was a heavy weight on my shoulder. And now it’s just kind of like, “Go ahead and go ahead and take it day by day.”

Carroll felt shoulder discomfort early at bat, but finished it off before walking slowly to the dugout. After playing defense in the top of the fourth, Carroll came in the dugout and immediately walked through the tunnel to the clubhouse with head coach Max Esposito, and Jack McCarthy took over right field in the fifth.

Losing Carroll would have been a huge blow to the D running back, as the rookie was the team’s MVP of the year and one of the top offensive players on the Majors.

Carroll does a lot of work on his shoulders to keep them strong after surgery, and the concern wasn’t that he felt a lot of pain, it was where the pain was.

“I think if I hadn’t had major surgery on that shoulder, [then] “I might have kind of written it off,” Carroll said. But then again, it was a feeling I didn’t get until afterward [injury]. “

The good news for Carroll — with an injury and an All-Star starting nod — helped brighten what was a disappointing day for the D.

Rookie Brandon Pfaadt, who was called up from Triple-A Reno to start, allowed a run in the first inning, but appeared to settle during the second before chasing him through a five-run third inning.

“It never really worked out for us offensively, and it just didn’t click,” said Lovolo. “Today was a bit off. I think there was a little bit of a hangover from last night, which is some of the things we’re trying to avoid here. But it was a huge loss yesterday with a quick turnaround, and we lapsed for five runs. And we just couldn’t catch up.”