May 18, 2024

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Democrats ready to defend Mike Johnson against MTG

Democrats ready to defend Mike Johnson against MTG

Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives announced Tuesday that their caucus will come to the defense of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, if she tries to hold a recall vote against President Mike Johnson. Additional military aid to Ukraine. “At this time, after our work on national security, it is time to turn the page on this episode of pro-Putin Republican obstructionism. We will vote to block Representative Marjorie Taylor Green's motion to impeach the president. If she calls this motion, she will be defeated. They declared In a press release.

Shortly after the report was released, MTG vowed to move forward with its campaign against Johnson, currently supported by only two of his colleagues and opposed by many members of the Republican Caucus, including extremists. To relive the days of chaos following the impeachment of Kevin McCarthy earlier this year.

“If the Democrats want to elect him president (and some Republicans want to support a Democratic president), I will give them the opportunity to do so.” She wroteT Americans deserve to see a party in action. I am giving its supporters a chance to come out!


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