April 24, 2024

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Disappearance and Decommissioning: The Russian Army After the Wagner Mutiny | War in Ukraine

Disappearance and Decommissioning: The Russian Army After the Wagner Mutiny |  War in Ukraine

The Russian military is known for its taste for secrecy, but ever since the failed rebellion of the paramilitary group Wagner, mysteries still pile up around it. Between rumors of purges, fears of a second uprising and harsh criticism, it’s a look back at what we know through the fate of the three generals.

But where did Sergey Surovikin go?

Sergei Surovikin is one of the most iconic commanders of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. (file image)

Photo: Reuters/Russian News Agency via Sputnik

Ruthless, a veteran of the brutal wars in Chechnya (1999-2009) and Syria, Sergey Surovykin is one of the symbolic commanders of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine from October 2022 to January 2023.

He is considered close to Wagner’s boss, Evguéni Prigojine, who defended him in offensive videos targeting Russian public servants and even claimed to have seen him. The only man who wore the star of an army general who knew how to fight.

But since the failure of the rebellion, Sergei Churovikhin has disappeared.

His last public appearance, the night of the mutiny, is from the video to persuade Wagner’s troops to abandon it. He is in uniform, but without epaulets, which some observers see as a sign that he has already been arrested.

Actually, step The New York Times, citing American intelligence, that General Surovikin was aware of the mutiny. The Kremlin has denied these comments and confirmed that the man is still officially in office. But very different rumors are circulating, from arrests to simple dismissals.

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On Wednesday, Andrei Kartabolov, head of the Russian Duma’s security committee, revived speculation in cryptic words: Surovikhin He is on vacation and currently unavailablehe said.

Is Ivan Popov reprimanded for citing losses?

Official portrait of Major General in uniform.

Major General Ivan Popov, June 9, 2023

Photo: via Reuters / Ministry of Defense of Russia

In an audio message released Wednesday evening, Major General Ivan Popov says he has been suspended from his duties for warning. hard High command of the difficulties faced in Ukraine, especially the high loss of life and lack of advanced equipment.

The Ukrainian forces could not break our army from the front and we were attacked from behind by our main leader who cowardly cut off the army at a very difficult time.He continues, apparently aiming for General Kurasimo, the Commander-in-Chief.

According to the Telegram channel The gray zoneFollowing more than 500,000 subscribers, he would have blamed Popov Misinformation and warning By reading the report.

However, Ivan Popov is no one: he leads the 58th Russian Army, considered one of the most valuable in the war and stationed in the Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia, where it faced a counterattack from Kiev.

Moscow does not want to air this dirty laundry in public. Originally intended as a private military conversation, the general’s message was relayed by a subordinate, who was reprimanded by a United Russia party official for changing the argument. Political show.

Is Oleg Tsokov dead or alive?

Was Lt. Gen. Oleg Sokov killed by a Ukrainian strike on July 11 in a hotel far from the front near the occupied city of Berdyansk in southern Ukraine?

In the immediate future, the Russian military is unlikely to confirm the death, but Russian public television and pro-Kremlin military bloggers say they are the main sources of reliable information in the absence of comment.

This latest death of a general in a targeted strike has drawn criticism. It is sad to say, but the standard of intelligence of the enemy is higher than oursZapiski Veterana channel commented.

Blogger Rybar, who has 1.2 million subscribers, has criticized the Russian high command for not doing anything. Sleeper cells Satellite intelligence capabilities of Ukraine’s Western allies are known to provide information to Kyiv from the occupied territories.

Everyone knows, everyone knows, but no action is takenhe added.