April 21, 2024

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“Grief”: A teenager arrested in connection with a cat that was launched from the top of a cliff

“Grief”: A teenager arrested in connection with a cat that was launched from the top of a cliff

An 18-year-old Englishman has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty in a video of a teenager throwing a cat off a cliff with all his might in front of his friends’ laughter. .

“Following our report on a video of what appears to be a cat being thrown from a cliff into the water, we can confirm that an 18-year-old man from Carnforth has been arrested and is in custody on suspicion of animal cruelty,” according to the “Lancashire Telegraph”, Lancashire, UK, on ​​Wednesday.

Over the past few days, a horrifying video of a teenager throwing a kitten into the water at the bottom of a cliff, in front of his friends who laugh at the situation, has sparked public outrage after reaching more than 3.6 million people. Views on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the police force announced that no charges would be filed against the teenager, after police confirmed the cat was already dead by the time of the horrific video.

“Although it was in bad taste and sad to see, we are satisfied that no criminal offense was committed,” Lancashire Police said on Tuesday evening, according to “The Independent”.

Incidentally, the police ordered members of the public to stop making any threats against the youths in the video and their families, while other people who had nothing to do with the images allegedly received false threats.

“This is completely unacceptable and must stop. Any criminal activity brought to our attention will be dealt with firmly,” hammered Lancashire Police.

At the same time, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) indicated that an investigation had been opened on its site, and “strongly” encouraged people to stop sharing these images.

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