July 20, 2024

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Emmanuel Macron wants to meet Justin Trudeau soon

Emmanuel Macron wants to meet Justin Trudeau soon

(Ottawa) French President Emmanuel Macron wants to chat with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – sooner – than he hopes to chat on the sidelines of upcoming summits.

Mike Blanfield
Canadian Press

The French ambassador to Canada, Karen Rispal, said that in addition to the ongoing cases in both countries prior to the Govt-19 epidemic, Mr. Mr. Macron spoke about the alliance with the United States last month. He said he would like to hear Trudeau’s point of view. Britain and Australia.

The new AUKUS alliance angered President Macron and was seen by France as a stab in the back of trusted allies.

Prime Minister Trudeau has boycotted Canada’s exclusion, saying the alliance is a sale of Australian nuclear submarines – not Canada’s interest.

“It’s very vague. The only announcement about this club is the opportunity to supply submarines to Australia,” he said.Me Rispal in a recent interview at the French Embassy in Ottawa.

“So for us it’s very low.”

The AKUS agreement was created to help Australia cope with the decline of China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. Assistance to Australia in capturing nuclear submarines was said to be a key element, but it also helped establish greater cooperation in the defense industries of the three countries.

This angered France because its defense suppliers were also building nuclear submarines. Mr. Macron sent his ambassador to Washington back for the AUKUS announcement.

He returned to his post as senior officials of the Biden administration worked to deal with French frustration. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen visited Paris last week to meet with President Macron. Mr. Macron is working to arrange a meeting with President Joe Biden.

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MMe Mr. Macron and Mr. Rispal said he would like to meet Trudeau in person.

“It is important to hold a meeting soon in Paris or Ottawa and discuss strategic issues. We look forward to strengthening our Atlantic ties. We maintain trust and friendly relations with Canada,” he said.

Mr. A spokesman for Trudeau said the prime minister was pleased to be with Mr Macron at a virtual summit of G20 leaders in Afghanistan on Tuesday and had met him in person at the G7 summit in the UK last June, but could not confirm that. The appointment is on the cards.

“Prime Minister Trudeau is looking forward to sitting with President Macron soon,” spokesman Alex Wellstead said in an email.

Both countries are deeply concerned about the growing challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, especially China’s growing military and political influence.Me Rispal.

“I think Canada, like France, is well aware that China is a competitor – it can be a partner in some things, and it can be a military or strategic threat,” the ambassador said.

“I hope we share the same view that we do not want to extend to the model that Beijing wants to impose,” he added, citing views on the rights of Canada and France, as well as human rights and the need to respect international law and trade rules.

Ambassador Rispal said the two leaders had blocked meaningful pursuit of the agreement signed three years ago to deepen cooperation in promoting democracy and gender equality, as well as the fight against climate change.

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Mr. Macron moved to Ottawa in June 2018. Mr. Charlize Theron agreed with Trudeau to form a Franco-Canadian cabinet where they will all meet ahead of the G7 summit in Quebec. Two years, but it was not due to infection.

“The Govt may not be over, but you know we’re in a better position,” M saidMe Rispal. It’s time to be physically together in the same room. And a strong debate about innovation, the environment, in strategic subjects, in economic subjects. ”

He said Emmanuel Macron wants to hold a meeting at the end of 2021.

The election calendars of France and Canada are tightening the two heads. The Canadian election took place recently, but French voters are set to vote in April.

“The window is narrow,” said Ms.Me Rispal.