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Encryption | The smell of corruption in the Supreme Court

Encryption |  The smell of corruption in the Supreme Court

(New York) At the time, Clarence Thomas’ impartiality was already in question. But, while defending his integrity, the extreme conservative judge of the Supreme Court of the United States praised the spirit community between him and his wife, Virginia, and was an activist and campaigner for a number of reasons.

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Richard Head

Richard Head
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“We are under the same yoke, we want to be together because we want the same things. We believe in the same things,” he said during a secret speech to conservative lawyers in 2011, whose record was given to a political journalist.

These days, Washington wonders how far the community of spirits goes between Thomas. Without waiting for an answer to this question, perhaps a scandal is brewing, with lawyers and politicians urging the 73-year-old judge to exclude himself from the cause of the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath.

“In light of the new reports coming in from many media outlets, Judge Thomas’ conduct in the Supreme Court appears to be increasingly corrupt,” the Democratic Oregon Senate said. Ron Wheaton said last Friday.

He cites revelations from journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa that Virginia Thomas sent 29 fiery, tripartite speeches calling on former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to assist in efforts to invalidate the results of the November 3 referendum. 2020

The text messages are significant, as they reveal the acceptance of Virginia Thomas’ bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election, including the QAnon movement.

For example, in a speech dated November 5, 2020, Mark Meadows was quoted in an excerpt from a far-right site: “Biden criminal family and co-conspirators in fraud […] They are currently being arrested and detained for voter fraud […] Guantanamo will live on boats before being tried by military courts for treason. ⁇

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He adds: “I believe that to be true. ⁇

A clear interest conflict?

Did Virginia Thomas ever talk to her husband about her efforts with the White House to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election? One thing is for sure, in the tone of her text messages it is as if a woman is in the grip of a fear or visceral hatred on the “drowning leftists” of her country.

I have to say that Virginia Thomas has never been a Conservative of the Bon Chick Bon type. Over the years, he has evolved into the most radical areas of the American right, being an agent of jihadism in Barack Obama, who condemned the “deep position” following Steve Bonan and watched the election of Joe Biden. Direct theft.

Virginia Thomas is openly entitled to her own opinions, even the most questionable ones. But he has been linked to a number of companies and individuals who are arguing in the Supreme Court, from immigration to guns to concrete action plans. Reasons she believes, other than sometimes getting financial benefits from them.

Last January, weekly magazine New Yorker It is noteworthy that in 2017 and 2018 Virginia Thomas’s campaign company Liberty Consulting was awarded $ 200,000 by a lobby group that submitted a summary to the Supreme Court in anticipation of Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order. Was validated by a margin of five votes to four. Clarence Thomas was part of this narrow majority.

Isn’t this a patent infringing interest that the judge should have prompted himself to withdraw? Under federal law, “every judge, magistrate, or magistrate in the United States must exclude himself or herself from any reason for which his or her impartiality is reasonably questioned.”

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“My good friend”

However, it is up to the Supreme Court judges to decide for themselves whether they should withdraw themselves from the case. Anita Hill, a former colleague who was confirmed in her post in 1991, said despite allegations of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas, it was only appropriate that Clarence Thomas do so once.

Photo by Robert Franklin, Associated Press Archives

Clarence Thomas has served on the Supreme Court since 1991.

The reason, as discussed in the 1990s, involved the Virginia Military Institute where his son Jamal was studying at the time.

Therefore, Judge Thomas never felt the need to exclude himself from other cases that found himself in a situation of real, open or potential conflict of interest, including the 2020 presidential election and its consequences.

All of this, despite the fact that his wife was on a team that helped carry out the “Stop the Steel” movement, despite playing a mediating role among the organizers of the January 6, 2021 rally before the attack on the Capitol.

In one case, Clarence Thomas was the only one of nine Supreme Court justices to agree with Donald Trump. The latter sought to prevent the transfer of the President’s archives to the Congressional Commission responsible for the January 6 inquiry. Are there any messages from his wife in these archives? We ignore it for now.

The 29 text messages released by the media last week include documents submitted by Mark Meadows before concluding his collaboration with the January 6 Commission.

Clarence Thomas’ name was not mentioned in any of the news. But one of them is of particular interest. In response to a text message from Mark Meadows dated November 24, 2020, Virginia Thomas promised, “Evil always seems to be victorious until the King of Kings wins”:

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“Thanks! I needed this! This too is now a conversation with my best friend… I will try to wait. America is worth it!”

Clarence Thomas may be that “best friend”. Does he still believe in his wife as he said in 2011? If this is the case with the 2020 presidential election, his refusal to step down for election-related reasons could be considered a scam.