June 17, 2024

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War in Ukraine | Biden called Putin a “butcher.”

War in Ukraine |  Biden called Putin a “butcher.”

(Warsaw) US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “butcher” during a meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw on Saturday.

Released at 11:25 p.m.
Updated to 11:57 am.

When asked, “What does he think of Vladimir Putin, what does he impose on these people?” Biden responded in one sentence: “He is a butcher”, the meeting was broadcast live from the national arena by several television channels. Warsaw.

This is not the first time the US president has used harsh words about Vladimir Putin, who is believed to be the main culprit behind the Russian invasion, which has already claimed thousands of lives in Ukraine. In recent days he has twice called himself a “war criminal.”

He was moved to see what he had met with refugees – including two who claimed to be from the port of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, which had been heavily devastated by the Russian bombing. Biden hugs two young refugee women.

He summed up his comments after visiting the reception center at the stadium, describing the young children he saw as “beautiful” and asking them to pray “for their father, grandfather and brother.”

He said he was “not sure” that the announcement, centered on Russia’s attack on Donbass, signaled a change in its strategy in Ukraine.

When asked by a journalist about this, he briefly replied: “I do not know if they (the Russians) did it”, while the Russian command announced on Friday that it “wants to concentrate the bulk of the main objective”. : “The liberation of Donbass” is contrary to the Kremlin’s stated goal of “militarizing” and “reducing” the whole of Ukraine.

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Referring to his son Pew Biden, who died of cancer in 2015 while fighting in Iraq, he stressed that “he knows very well what it means to be close to someone in a war zone.”