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February 13 Developments of corona virus

Whether in Quebec or anywhere else on the planet, the Govt-19 epidemic has turned our lives upside down for almost two years.

All news related to this crisis affecting population, governments and economy can be found here.

Last report 11:23 pm


Case: 411 609 772

Mortality: 5,815,308

United States

Cases: 77,739,880

Mortality: 919,696


Ontario: 1,072,720 cases (12,093 deaths)

Quebec: 898,842 cases (13,693 deaths)

Alberta: 514,165 cases (3,741 deaths)

British Columbia: 338,792 cases (2,747 deaths)

Manitoba: 125,844 cases (1,619 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 123,258 cases (1,012 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 42,412 cases (167 deaths)

New Brunswick: 32,610 cases (286 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 19,710 cases (52 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 10,196 cases (13 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 7,343 cases (17 deaths)

Yukon: 3302 cases (20 deaths)

Nunavut: 2114 cases (5 deaths)

Deported Canadians: 13 cases

Total: 3,191,583 cases (35,473 deaths)


10:50 pm | New Zealand: Police condemn the use of McCarena to disperse protesters


The vaccine protesters who are camping in the lawn of the New Zealand parliament are not delicious to the police that the protest protesters who are camping in the lawn,

On Sunday, following the decision of the parliament, the authorities used automatic sprayers to try to stun the protesters.

7:31 pm | ‘Convoy of Independence’: Protesters crossing the Pacific Highway in British Columbia

After the release of the Ambassador Bridge, the method of crossing the Pacific Highway across British Columbia was the target of protesters.

6:02 pm | Ottawa Struggle: Canadian Army members under investigation

Members of the Canadian Army Special Task Force (CANSOFCOM) are investigating possible involvement in the protests in Ottawa.

Canada sticks flags in the hands of soldiers.  Canadian troops

Photo Adobe Stock

4:40 pm | A conspiratorial preacher preaches in Ottawa

Montreal pastor Carlos Norbel, close to conspiracy theories, delivered a sermon on the main stage of the occupation in Ottawa.

3:32 pm | The ‘independent convoy’ agreed to leave the residential areas of Ottawa

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has reached an agreement with the leader of the “Freedom Convoy” who has agreed to allow protesters to leave residential areas in the federal capital over the next few days.

2:39 pm | Washington welcomes Canadian police intervention to stop border axes

Washington has welcomed current Canadian police intervention to reopen several strategic border axes between the United States and Canada, which so far have been thwarted by protesters opposed to health measures, according to a White House statement.

Liz Sherwood-Randall, Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser, “praised the (Canadian) law enforcement efforts at the border to end the blockade altogether.”

Noon 1:58 | Huge revenue of sugar huts

After a forced closure that affected them economically, the sugar huts finally got the green light to open, which, above all, fully welcomes visitors.

Noon 1:55 | “Freedom Conway”: 17th day of nationwide demonstration

Seventeen days after the start of the occupation of Ottawa, protesters are still marching on major cities across the country.

11:00 am | In Quebec, 2,081 people have been admitted to hospital

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Situation in Quebec from February 13, 2022

– 898,842 affected (+1,870) *

– 13,693 deaths (+9)

– 2081 people have been admitted to the hospital

* 112 inputs

* 168 publications

– 140 people are in intensive care

* 9 inputs

* 15 publications

* The number of cases listed does not represent the situation, as access to screening centers is primarily for clients only.

10:28 am | New relaxations: Here are the ones that will be allowed from Monday

Following the removal of the limit for those attending private meetings on Saturday, further relaxations will take effect from Valentine’s Day Monday.

Free space for gym interior and your decor

magdal3na – stock.adobe.com

9:55 am | The “convoy of freedom” that destroyed the image of Justin Trudeau

The occupation of Justin Trudeau’s credibility by the “Freedom Series” seems to have significantly affected his credibility, as half the Canadians (48%) believe he did not act as prime minister in handling the case.


Photo: AFP

9:35 am | Whether you live with the virus or not: “It is important to be vigilant”

8:43 am | Ambassador Bridge: The last protesters were arrested

The last protesters to disrupt traffic on the Ambassador Bridge were arrested on Sunday morning and, in agony, ordered to leave the venue.

6:20 am | A super bowl of “feeling good”

Quebec Restaurants are delighted to welcome customers to the top of American football when they have customers this evening.

5:46 | Anti-Passport Convoys: Departs first for Brussels

Despite being banned by Belgian authorities, a few hundred vehicles participating in anti-vaccine pass convoys arrived in Brussels from the Paris area early Sunday morning to protest there.

5:29 | Siege in Ottawa: Children used as shields

Experts say having 100 children at the heart of the Freedom Series is a planned strategy aimed at complicating the removal of Ottawa’s occupation.

General - Freedom Convoy / Demonstration

Martin Aller / QMI Agency / Joe

5:25 am | “Independent Convoy”: The chaos in Ottawa continues as if nothing had happened

On Saturday, the party continued in the carelessness of the police in the Ottawa streets, as the officials unleashed the protesters from the Messenger Bridge on Saturday.


Photo: AFP

3h45 | Anti-Passport Convoys: Paris is under surveillance on Sunday

French authorities were keeping a close eye on Paris on Sunday as thousands of participants in anti-health pass convoys launched on the model of a mobilization in Canada rallied in the capital the previous day.