December 11, 2023

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Former Chinese ambassador to Ukraine predicts Russia’s defeat

In an extraordinary break from the party ranks, former Chinese ambassador to Ukraine Gao Yucheng on Tuesday acknowledged that Russia’s defeat in the former Soviet republic was “a matter of time.”

The former ambassador, who was invited to an online conference of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences controlled by the Chinese dictatorship, was appointed to Ukraine between 2005 and 2007 and criticized the “Renaissance” program and the “revival” of the Soviet Empire. Powered by Vladimir Putin, According to him, contributes above all to the maintenance of Russia’s “collapse”. He attributed the decline to “the mistakes of the Russian governing body in domestic and foreign policy.”

His comments were reported before being censored by Hong Kong’s Phoenix Network, a media outlet under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

“Russia is failing, according to the diplomat Archived version of the online article Beijing has decided to eliminate. On the battlefield, the defeat of the Russian army is visible in many places. Russia’s dominance in Ukraine’s military and economic power was thwarted by Ukraine’s firm and persistent opposition and massive, continuous and effective aid from the West. ⁇

“Russia has not only been inactive and impoverished on the battlefield, but has lost the military, the economy, politics, diplomacy, public opinion, propaganda, intelligence and some other information. Under the circumstances, it is only a matter of time before she is finally defeated.”

In his uncompromising analysis, the 75-year-old former ambassador to China, Vladimir Putin, acknowledged that the authoritarian regime did not really recognize the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the former Soviet Union, and that it “often violates their territories.” “This is the biggest threat to peace, security and stability in the Eurasian region.”

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Weak country

He predicted that the war would “significantly weaken and isolate Russia and punish it politically, economically, militarily and diplomatically” with “reduced international status.”

“Every day being added to the war becomes a heavier and heavier burden for Russia,” he said.

Ukraine, on the other hand, wants to further distance itself from Russia’s orbit and sphere of influence. [ou du moins de ce qu’il va en rester] To become a “member of the European family”, the ambassador abbreviated. “Other former Soviet republics may experience new and different levels of dressings,” he adds.

Every day added to the war will become a heavier and heavier burden for Russia.

Since the outbreak of Russian aggression in Ukraine, China has refrained from criticizing its closest diplomatic partner, Russia. Moscow hopes Beijing will offset the loss of revenue from sales of hydrocarbons that could create European sanctions. The Russian economy is mainly based on this resource.

Moreover, Xi Jinping’s dictatorship refuses to consider the Russian occupation of the former Soviet republic as an invasion and the US andNATO Those primarily responsible for provoking this conflict.

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