February 23, 2024

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Compulsory masking ends at midnight in Quebec | Corona virus

Compulsory masking ends at midnight in Quebec |  Corona virus

Restaurants, theaters, bars, places of worship, sports centers, gymnasiums, schools, kindergartens and schools no longer need to wear a helmet.

All indicators monitored by health officials are declining (mortality, infections, hospitalization, positive rates, absence from the health network and schools), the National Director of Public Health Dr. Luke Boylev, Confirmed Wednesday The sixth wave of COVID-19 is actually ending in Quebec.

I think we should trust the Cubs as much as we have done since the beginning of this epidemic. Public health is very clear, we are.

A quote Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dube

However, that is not the end of the mask

However, public health continues to recommend wearing a mask to protect against Govt-19 and other respiratory viruses.

At a news conference on Friday, Christian Dubey reiterated that the removal of this latest health restriction would not mean the abolition of wearing a mask as a precautionary measure. And the epidemic is over.

This is why the measure will be mandatory until further notice in all health facilities, including public transport and medical clinics. RPA And this CHSLD.

The mask is mandatory in all health facilities and on public transport.

Photo: Getty Images / Tempura

Also, the elderly, the sick, those with weakened immune systems or those whose health is causing them problems are first and foremost invited to do so in order to protect themselves and others who want to wear the mask regularly.

For example, some employers may maintain the wearing of masks for health and safety reasons in factories or businesses that provide personalized services such as hair salons or beauty clinics.

I think the very good news is that we were able to take this step. On the other hand, we value personal preferences and want to do it.

A quote Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dube

In this regard, the Association of Immunocompromised Patients (APIQ) of Quebec reminded that sufferers of immune problems should continue to wear masks and take necessary precautionary measures. To avoid the risk of serious or dangerous consequences on their health.

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This is why the association appeals to the people We need to accommodate these people.

The huge burden on millions of Cubes who have to wear a regular mask for two years is a daily struggle for immune and immunocompromised Cubs.

A quote Quebec Association of Immunocompromised Patients, in a press release

People with immunodeficiency are also invited to wear ” Immunoglip On their mask – engraved with an indicator I Red that connects to the mask – to indicate to people their weakened health.

An immunoglobulin in the mask.

People with immunodeficiency are encouraged to wear “immunoglips” to inform people about their specific condition.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierre-Alexandre Bolduk

665 days later

Normally, Quebecs have to wear masks in public for almost 22 months.

Violators face fines ranging from $ 400 to $ 6,000. July 18, 2020Legault was under significant media and political pressure at the time, at the behest of the government.

Despite the abandonment of the mask in most provinces of the country in recent months, wearing a mask has become mandatory in Quebec.

The announcement of its lifting was eagerly awaited in Quebec, especially at the end of the winter when it was twice postponed due to overcrowding in hospitals and epidemics. This came into effect first April 5Before being adjourned by the authorities April 21 And finally May 14.

Luke Boyle, seated at the press desk, addresses the media.

Dr. National Director of Public Health. Luke Poylo and Health Minister Christian Dube.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Russell

This time it seems to be the right one.

However, we still do not know if the government will choose to wear the mask again in the event of a seventh wave of COVID-19 in the fall.

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Dr. for his part said he would do everything possible to avoid returning to such activity. If Bolio had promised on Wednesday, Minister Dube would have insisted on Friday that, despite all the effective action, it would have prevented a new eruption.

I think we are in a different place in terms of security. Variations have changed, and with our knowledge of all the factors contributing to pollution, I think it would be appropriate to do so if it was necessary to recommend it. But we are not here now, so enjoy the summerMr. Dubai suggested.