February 22, 2024

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Mandatory vaccination, not very new

To complete your talk, try saying: Mandatory vaccination.

This German word works on lip-tongue integration and is used to refer to the mandatory vaccination.

Austria will acceptMandatory vaccination Since February, Germany has been considering following it.

In Quebec, the Legault government is taking the move seriously. Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos wants the provinces to do the same. “I think we will reach it one day,” he said Friday.

Mr. Douglas’ entourage was surprised. He thought aloud the question of whether Italy and Greece would prescribe vaccines (50 and over and 60 and over, respectively).

However, it can be less serious than it sounds. There are a few prototypes.

Prior to Govt-19, the immunization movement allowed diseases such as measles to recur⁠1.

In 2016, Australia launched a campaign ” No jab, no pay “He denies three payments to unvaccinated children. The move is linked to a four-point increase in the vaccination rate.

Italy and France have made school attendance a condition for a new series of vaccines, especially against acute encephalitis infections. In 2019, a study was published Euro tracking We have noticed an increase in vaccine coverage among our relatives⁠2.

In 2016, after the measles outbreak at Disneyland, California was also vaccinated. Maine and New York did the same three years later.

Again, this is not unprecedented. U.S. states make school attendance a condition for continuous immunizations – providing some religious or moral exceptions.

In Canada, only Ontario and New Brunswick have this requirement. Quebec relies on free choice because it is sufficient to achieve the desired immunization rate.

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To find other examples, let us go further back to the first vaccine invented by Edward Jenner in 1796.

Two decades ago, General George Washington forced his troops to be vaccinated against smallpox by exposing them to a small load of the virus.

In the XIX, when the first vaccine was developede Century, it was made compulsory in many places, such as England (1853) and United Canada (1862).

With him Mandatory vaccinationSo, Austria found nothing. It upholds the old tradition of our societies: the fight against death.

* * *

Since the material is emotional, I offer a charismatic analogy.

The government is already forcing your child to sit in a safe seat in the back seat.

Vaccinating is like putting your baby in that seat or putting on your own seat belt – the metaphor applies to all ages.

Not being vaccinated is like riding without this protection. And at dangerous speeds, which increases the risk of collision with others. Even if neighboring drivers are properly controlled, some will eventually get injured.

Let me summarize again: Wearing your seat belt does not prevent an accident, but it does reduce the severity of injuries. If others drive slowly, the risk of an accident is reduced.

This is the basic concept of probability. Unfortunately, people still do not understand it. That is why sometimes the government has to intervene to protect bodies and human beings.

Of course, those who are vaccinated may also be irresponsible. This is not a definitive argument, however.

Again, I call my guide to vehicle ethics: just because drunk drivers kill people, respecting other rules and trusting their braking system does not mean that sober people should be allowed to drive 180 km / h in traffic. ..

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* * *

Austria, Greece and Italy are not going to forcibly tie up reformers with a single dose. The monthly fine for them is up to 100 euros in Greece and 1200 euros in Austria.

In Quebec, Prime Minister Franois Legald asked the finance minister to look into funding concessions. Additional charges for non-vaccinated patients are being considered. There are two limitations to this action. It is reactive because it intervenes after illness. This would not be so hopeless as a person who refuses the vaccine would underestimate the risk of being admitted to the hospital.

I repeat my question: What exactly should we do? Superficial action should be taken to reduce infection and hospitalization. Mandatory vaccination does just that.

Of course, there are many legitimate objections.

Some argue that the current crisis is caused by the poverty of our health network and the administration of the Legal government. Very possible, but countries with better organization like France and Italy⁠3, And more outdated.

Others fear that the mandatory vaccination will exacerbate those who are not vaccinated, some of whom are ordinary people who are reluctant to roll up their sleeves for a number of reasons. This is true and that is why provocative tone should be avoided.

Finally, there are those who remind us that coercion affects more and more backward communities. They are right, but we must not forget another category of vulnerable individuals: patients suffering from overload. Unlike those who are not vaccinated, these patients cannot choose to change the type. They can no longer decide not to have cancer.

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So much for the critics. Because of the latter two, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend compulsory vaccination4.

In fact, it is better to start by expanding the vaccine passport at work and in stores. This is a basic principle that reduces the risk of infection without compromising one’s right to dispose of the body.

Mandatory vaccination should be a last resort. But we are approaching this final stage.

It is approved Public health law, Adopted in 2001. It should be used in a serious situation, and Quebec is currently going through it.

Suspending joint contracts, forcing a nurse to work and postponing surgery for someone in pain is tough because many have refused to contribute to their effort.

What is serious is what is happening now and we continue to tolerate it.