June 15, 2024

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Back to class: Rules that sow confusion

The blizzard pushed back thousands of children returning to school on Monday. However they will set foot in their school on Tuesday.

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Hours before returning to class, many parents find it difficult to understand the guidelines in the event of an outbreak or symptoms.

Many of the citizens interviewed by our journalist did not know under what circumstances their child should be examined.

According to public health, a child with a fever, who loses taste and smell, should be examined for cough or sore throat.

At the same time, his entire family bubble must isolate itself. If the first test is negative, the child should wait 24 to 36 hours before the second test. If the second is negative, the isolation will end for the whole family.

While many parents believe the opposite, it is important to note that a simple runny nose does not need to be isolated.

To see the full description, watch the video above.

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