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How to watch the Pro Bowl 2023

How to watch the Pro Bowl 2023

LAS VEGAS – The NFL will be holding a Pro Bowl week again, dubbed the Pro Bowl Games. Gone is the traditional game of soccer, replaced by a series of skill contests and three soccer games over the course of Thursdays and Sundays at Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders. There will be points at stake in each event that will determine the overall winner between the AFC and NFC.

Peyton Manning will coach the AFC team while his brother Eli will coach the AFC team. Roster selections were determined by the unanimous vote of fans, players, and coaches. The votes of each group were counted in thirds to determine the 88 players.

Here’s a look at what to expect.

How do you watch?

Thursday’s Skills Quiz will be available on ESPN and ESPN+ from 7-8:30 p.m. ET, and Sunday’s Skills and Flag Games will be on ABC and ESPN/ESPN+ from 3-6 p.m. ET.

Thursday, February 2nd

Epic Pro Bowl dodgeball: This will be a multi-sided tournament of classic Dodgeball with four teams of five players each. It will begin with offenses and defenses from the AFC and NFC competing against each other, culminating in the final round of the AFC vs. NFC. The overall winner gets three points.

Lightning tourThis is a new event for 2023. Each conference will select 16 players to compete in a three-part tournament with three more points on the line. The first event is “Splash Catch”, in which team members from each conference throw water balloons to each other from increasing distances. The event then moves to the “High Stakes”, with leading players challenging to pick up kicks from a JUGS machine. In the final stage, the remaining players will move on to the Spill Thrill, where players aim at buckets hanging over the head of the opposing team’s coach. The first team to empty the bucket wins.

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longest driveFour players from each conference will compete for the longest driving distance from the golf tee. Each player gets three swings, and the winner is determined by the longest driving distance within the predetermined limits. The winner gets three points.

Accurate passThree quarterbacks from each conference will each compete in a one-minute contest to test their accuracy. The player who scores the most goals earns three points for his conference.

The best catchTwo players from each conference compete to show creativity by showcasing receptions filmed at iconic locations around Las Vegas. An online fan vote will determine the favorite from each conference, with the two finalists competing in the next round on Sunday.

Sunday, February 5th

The best catch: The finalists from Thursday compete in front of a panel of celebrity judges to determine the overall winner.

Gridiron gloveThe race format will feature six players from each conference competing in a 40-yard four-part gauntlet. Among the challenges: running tires and pushing a blocked sled across the finish line.

Kick tac toe: Kickers, bettors and long snappers will compete in a giant tic-tac-toe competition showcasing their special skills. The first team to complete a connected three-square line will win 3 points for their conference.

Move the strings: Two teams from each conference will compete in a weighted wall draw that will test their strength and speed. Each team of five players must pull a 10-yard wall of heavy weights. The three best competition are worth three points.

Reporting soccer gamesConference: The winner of the first two flag games will earn six points. Points from the skill competitions and the first two flag games will be combined and carried over as the score at the start of the third and final flag game. The winner at the end of that game will be the winning conference.

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