June 14, 2024

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Hurricane Ian: Human remains rise to surface in Florida cemetery

Hurricane Ian: Human remains rise to surface in Florida cemetery

Flooding from Hurricane Ian has caused a gruesome scene at a cemetery in Oakland, near Orlando, where human remains have been exposed by pond water.

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A coffin was seen floating at ground level. A tree blown by the storm fell on top of it and a dead person was revealed inside. Evidence suggests other human remains.

A large number of families and community members came to the site on Thursday to help clean up.

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Pictures show several broken trees in the cemetery submerged in water.

“I’m hurt, and even though I know she’s with God, I came here to see and see… these bodies rising to the surface… somebody dropped it when we were talking about growth,” explained one resident, Ed Gardner. Correspondent for Spectrum News.

“It’s very difficult, it’s hard to believe what happened,” one person told local channel Fox 13. He rushed to the spot to make sure the body of his granddaughter – mother, who was buried on Tuesday – was not swept away by the floods.

Another person said he was going to bury his uncle on Saturday, but it was unclear when the ceremony would take place because of the devastation.

Located forty kilometers from Orlando, Oakland is experiencing historic flooding after Hurricane Ian hit.

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