June 17, 2024

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In pictures | Two babies were found 25 days later in the Amazon jungle

In pictures |  Two babies were found 25 days later in the Amazon jungle

Two aboriginal children, aged 7 and 9, were lost for 25 days in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, eating only wild berries and suffering from severe malnutrition.

The children, named Glugon and Gleason, suffered from “severe malnutrition and dehydration” about 35 km from where they went missing. AFP Januario Carneiro da Cunha Neto, coordinator of the Special Indigenous Health District, told the Associated Press on Friday. Manasin (DSEI), the capital of the state of Amazonas where children are missing.

Admitted to the hospital, “they have now regained weight and their lives are not in danger,” he added.

Screenshot / Reuters Images

The two Mura brothers went missing on February 18 last year while hunting for birds in the jungle in Manikur municipality, about 330 km from Manus.

During their stay in the forest, “they drank only rainwater and lakes, and were tired” (Sorbus domestica) ate fruit rich in carbohydrates and fats, Mr. Corniro da Cunha Neto said.

Rosinette da Silva Carvalho, mother of the children and their ten siblings, told local newspapers, ‘They will eat tired because my eldest son will always carry a bag when he goes hunting.

Screenshot / Reuters Images

Footage released by local media shows the children were very thin after being rescued.

Their discovery was the result of an opportunity because the official search was suspended a week after they went missing.

“An acquaintance of the family who went in search of firewood accidentally found the children,” said the DSEI coordinator.

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During the long days when they failed to find a way home, the eldest child, Gleason, looked after his younger brother and carried him on his back when he was very tired from the lack of food and water.

The adventure is reminiscent of the experience of pilot Antonio Cena in early 2021, when he lost 38 days in the Brazilian Amazon after his cruise plane crash.