March 30, 2023

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Italy: A mysterious mega boat unmoved by authorities

A mysterious mega boat worth $ 700 million (636 million euros), whose owner’s name has not been made public and appeared to be on the way, was waved off by Italian authorities on Friday.

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Italian authorities’ investigation has made it possible to establish significant economic and trade links between the person who officially owns the ship. Shehrasat And key figures in the Russian government ”and Russian figures authorized by the West following the invasion of Ukraine, according to a statement from the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Following the inquiry, “Economy and Finance Minister Daniel Franco signed the ship’s immobility order,” the statement added.

The AFP photographer noted on Friday that after months of dry docking in the Italian part of Tuscany, the ship was launched and appeared to be ready to depart.

Released in 2020 from the German Lürssen shipyard ShehrasatAt 140 meters long, it has two helicopter bases, a swimming pool, a cinema and an anti-drone battery, the executives of the SuperYachtFan site, who pretend to be intelligence journalists, believe.

The big question remains: who owns it Shehrasat? A Russian oligarchy or someone higher than that? As long as it is Russian …

A press release from the Italian Ministry did not specify the identity of the owner.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s group has blamed the sea monster for Vladimir Putin. It is based on a list of team members, including several members of the FSO, the Russian federal service for the protection of individuals.

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Wrong, retaliates against the Italian maritime crew who took care of maintaining the ship in its yard.

“S property Shehrasat The company responded by saying in a statement that it “relied on the documents in its possession and the results of tests carried out by” competent authorities “.