June 15, 2024

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Live | Developments on Govt-19

Whether in Quebec or anywhere else on the planet, the Govt-19 epidemic has been ravaging our lives for more than a year and a half.

All the news related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and economy can be found here throughout the day.

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Case: 246 518 913

Deaths: 4,997,354

United States

Case: 45 953 801

Mortality: 745,670


Ontario: 599,615 cases (9,869 deaths)

Quebec: 425,393 cases (11,493 deaths)

Alberta: 322,989 cases (3,093 deaths)

British Columbia: 204,914 cases (2,156 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 77,494 cases (850 deaths)

Manitoba: 63,353 cases (1,246 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 7,354 cases (100 deaths)

New Brunswick: 6,413 cases (116 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 1992 cases (16 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 1,863 cases (11 deaths)

Yukon: 921 cases (10 deaths)

Nunavut: 674 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 315 cases

Returnees to Canada: 13 cases

Total: 1,713,303 cases (28,964 deaths)


9h22 | Vaccine for 5-11 year olds: “It is very promising”

While the United States has approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine for this age group, Health Canada has not yet approved the vaccine in Canada, which must also obtain the approval of the Quebec Immunization Committee.

Pediatrician Dr. According to Sarah Wiseman de Louia, the data review process could take “several weeks” and last until the end of 2021. Therefore children 5 to 11 years of age should not be vaccinated before this date.

5:55 am | Climate, Govt, Poverty: “It’s time to act,” the Pope warns

In a speech to the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera on Sunday, Pope Francis warned that it was “time to act and work together” against climate change, the COVID epidemic and poverty.

This text is a preface by Pope Francis to a book published in mid-November. It was made public on the opening day of COP26 in Glasgow, and while the G20 summit is taking place in Rome, it will also discuss climate issues.

4:41 | ‘Politics and lies’: China rejects US inquiry into the origin of Govt disease


Beijing on Sunday rose up against a US intelligence service investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it “political and lying” while urging Washington to “stop attacking” China.

“No matter how many times this report is published, no matter how many editions are created, the whole political and misrepresentation of this report cannot be changed,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said.