June 19, 2024

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Live | Recent developments in the corona virus

Whether in Quebec or anywhere else on the planet, the Govt-19 epidemic has been ravaging our lives for almost two years.

All news related to this crisis affecting population, governments and economy can be found here throughout the day.

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Case: 313 621 411

Mortality: 5,505,729

United States

Case: 62 313 271

Mortality: 842,322


Ontario: 896,248 cases (10,399 deaths)

Quebec: 758,576 cases (12,028 deaths)

Alberta: 417,533 cases (3,352 deaths)

British Columbia: 286,080 cases (2,449 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 94,080 cases (961 deaths)

Manitoba: 103,935 cases (1,426 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 26,541 cases (115 deaths)

New Brunswick: 20,890 cases (173 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 10,201 cases (23 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 3,322 cases (12 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 2,893 cases

Yukon: 2,445 cases (15 deaths)

Nunavut: 1,033 cases (4 deaths)

Returnees to Canada: 13 cases

Total: 2,624,910 cases (30,958 deaths)

Pharmacist Diane Lamarre explains how to use quick tests Has received a number of cubes in recent weeks.

7:43 am | 1st dose | Minister Christian Dubey is pleased that about 12,000 appointments have been made in the last two days.

7:18 am | Downing Street Party: Labor opposition leader Boris Johnson calls for resignation

Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer on Wednesday called for the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and apologized to MPs for admitting he had attended a party on Downing Street during the lockout.

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7:18 am | Novak Djokovic admits “mistakes”

While his participation in the Australian Open is still pending, Novak Djokovic admitted on Wednesday that he had made “mistakes” in his conduct after completing a positive test for Kovit-19 in December and filling out an entry form for Australia.

Photo AFP

7:00 am | Indonesia has introduced a 3rd dose vaccine against the Omigran variant

6:27 am | Washington announces more tests to avoid closing schools

House-White announced that the United States would increase the number of COVID-19 trials for schools to 10 million so that they could keep them open as the pollution wave made a return to telecommunications inevitable.

“These additional tests will help open schools,” the White House said in a statement. “We know how to keep school children and staff safe by setting up immunizations, reminders, indoor masks, social spaces, ventilation and screening tests.”

6:03 am | Omigron: Russia has only two weeks to prepare

Russia, the most affected country by COVID-19 in Europe, has only two weeks to go before it is attacked by the Omigron variant, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

“It shows that we see what’s happening in the world and has two weeks to get ready,” said the Kremlin master, calling for speeding up screening and vaccination.

5:29 am | Hundreds of Rwandans have recently arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo claiming to have escaped the Kovit-19 vaccine.

Hundreds of Rwandans have arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo in recent days, claiming to be fleeing the vaccine against Kovit-19 and are often forced into their country, we learned from local sources on Wednesday.

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They arrived in canoes in small groups south of Itzvi Island, located on Lake Kiwu on the Rwanda-DRC border, although authorities are still trying to systematically identify their profile and the reasons for their arrival.

5h18 | Sunwing founder calls fly-fly revolvers idiots

Colin Hunter, the founder of Sunwing, argues that it is necessary to be “paralyzed” without knowing that it is unacceptable to dine like the passengers of the famous flight to Cancun on December 30th.

“How many flights are you allowed to smoke and fly without wearing a mask?” 2, Introduces Etacony Entrepreneurs During a Phone Interview Newspaper.

Colin Hunter Sunwing P.D.G.

Photo Archives, Agencies QMI

3:03 | France: Hospital admissions for Covid-19 are on the rise

The pressure on the fifth wave of COVID is increasing further in French hospitals, welcoming more than 23,000 patients – including nearly 4,000 critical care – against 19,600 last week, according to officials.

Infections in France, as in many other countries, have experienced a meteorite rise under the pressure of the Omicron variant, which is highly contagious.