May 25, 2024

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Loss in Virginia | Biden urges Democrats to move forward with major reform plans

(Washington) Joe Biden on Wednesday urged Democrats to “move forward” and vote for his major reform plans blocked by internal discontent in Congress after the defeat of his party’s candidate for governor of Virginia. Test of its popularity.

Robin Legrand
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“No governor of Virginia has ever won from the same party as the current president,” he told reporters, refusing to take responsibility for the defeat, which is seen as a key moment in his presidency.

“I know people want to do things, and that’s why I put so much pressure on the Democrats to move forward and vote,” one for infrastructure modernization and the other for social spending and climate. Returning on the night of his European tour for the G20 and COP26, Mr. Pitana explained his party.

A year before the crucial midterm elections that could completely change the power cards, Tuesday’s defeat in Virginia looks like a severe defeat for Joe Biden, who campaigned alongside Democratic candidate Terry McAliffe.

“It’s a tough night for Democrats,” said J.W. Miles Coleman told AFP.

“Even if this election only takes place across the state, if Joe Biden is battling voters in Virginia, which he won by 10 points last year, he might as well. He has been fighting in states like Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. Where will the senator elections take place next year, ”he said.

Basic trumpiste

Republicans can see Glenn Young’s victory as a possible strategic roadmap for the 2022, and perhaps 2024 presidential election: this newcomer to politics has retained Trump’s electoral base while remaining far enough away. Suburb.

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Another worrying sign of Democratic Gov. Joe Biden leaving New Jersey was his neck-and-neck with his Republican rival Wednesday. Bill Murphy, however, won most of the pre-election polls.

With the exception of Donald Trump, the US president, who has achieved the prestige rating of orders of this magnitude in recent political history, must now sink back into Washington in the spirit of Congress because his two grandiose plans are meant for relentless negotiations in his own camp between progressives and moderates.

A deal in his “Built Back Better” project on social and climate reforms would reflect a great personal success.

The siege

Alas, the overall bill for the project has already been halved to $ 1,750 billion, mainly from the traditionally elected moderate Senator Joe Manchin, who is contesting from the conservative state of West Virginia. Very thin democratic majority.

“I can’t go home and justify (these spending plans), I can’t vote,” he said Monday, noting the impact of these plans on public debt and inflation.

“Political battles must end,” he added, referring to the ban imposed by progressive democrats on infrastructure elements.

The $ 1.2 trillion project is to renovate the country’s dilapidated roads, bridges and traffic, and is backed by Democrats and some Republicans.

Approved by the Senate in August, the plan was blocked in the House of Representatives by elected officials from the left seeking to vote at the same time for the “Bull Back Better” plan. They fear that after receiving the check for infrastructure, the centrists will refuse to support this very expensive project.

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