December 11, 2023

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Macron in unknown territory, without clear parliamentary majority

(Paris) Within two months of his re-election, he sees French President Emmanuel Macron losing an absolute majority in the National Assembly on Monday, a situation that is practically unprecedented, opening up a period of uncertainty and uncertainty.

Released at 6:19 p.m.

Selim SAHEB ETTABA with AFP Political Department
French Media Company

The second round of assembly elections ended on Sunday, according to the editorial. Macron ended up with a “foot” or “asset”, with his coalition retaining only 245 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly. 289.

In the second round of the presidential election, the vote was marked by the resurgence of the far-left Tribune-led coalition of the far-left with 89 delegates, including his rival Marine Le Pen, and, above all, the unprecedented advance of the far-right. Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, elected 131 delegates.

But the classic right-wing party Les Républicains (LR) opposed with 61 delegates, who could see themselves as arbitrators and whomever the presidential camp reached on Sunday evening.

“We will work tomorrow (Monday, editorial) to create majority action,” Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced after the results were announced, considering that “there is no alternative to this rally to ensure stability.”

“We are always trying to get on with it. Above all, the moderates in this parliament will hope to follow us,” government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire told French Radio on Monday morning.

“It takes imagination, courage, openness, where necessary” and “for all those who want to move the country forward,” he added.

The movement of condemnation in view

Emmanuel Macron’s coalition, as has been done in Germany, succeeds in concluding government agreements with other parties or negotiating texts he would like to accept on a temporary basis to fill the 44 vacancies left to reach an absolute majority. .

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This structure places parliament at the center of the political game, first and foremost under the Fifth Republic, the Presidential Republic, precisely created in 1958 to avoid the instability of parliamentary rule in the Fourth Republic (1946-1958).

If the idea of ​​a government agreement raised by some right-wing leaders is rejected by the LR leadership, the debate within the party, which has vowed not to engage in formal restraint, could resume.

“We campaigned in the opposition, we are in the opposition, we will be in the opposition,” said party leader Christian Jacob.

The party’s general secretary Aurélien Pradié, on Monday morning, Mr. Formation of melancholy, mr.Me The terminal is scheduled for July 5 to overthrow the government.

“For my part, I have no doubt that I will vote for a joint venture with La France insoumise,” he told the Associated Press. “I do not feel the same Republican values, I do not feel the same plan for the future of our country,” he explained.

Redesign in view

On the other hand, to Manuel Bombard, one of the leaders of the LFI, “Ms.Me Bourne must leave ”. “The government formed by Emmanuel Macron cannot continue to rule as if nothing had happened,” he told BFMTV on Monday.

Formed on May 20, the government should at least be radically reshuffled, especially due to the failure of its three-member ballot box, including those for environment change and health ministers.

Elizabeth Bourne “is too weak to stay in Mattignon. An important prime minister is to be elected that will allow for the political continuity and political stability that we do not have today, ”said Luis Alliot, leader of the National Rally (RN).Me Pen.

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In France Inter, Mr. Alliot said, “In view of the difficulties of the country, and in the light of a certain number of provocations, it is necessary to prepare a major deadline in favor of a government of national unity, purchasing power and security.” Or pensions ”, but Mr. Macron said he did not believe he would go down this path.

The Left Alliance and the RN are already vying for the position of strategic chairman of the National Assembly Finance Committee.

The Delegates’ 5-year mandate did not officially begin until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the newly elected officials, including iconic political newcomers such as Rachel KK, should come and register and collect their deputy briefcase with the former chambermaid, who has become a left-wing vice president.