June 19, 2024

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Medical examination | Biden assures his doctor that he is “in good health.”

(Washington) Joe Biden is “in good health”, “serious” and “fit” to carry out his role as US president, according to a comprehensive account released by his doctor Friday, following a much-anticipated health report.

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The president, who turns 79 on Saturday, is taking three prescription drugs without two prescriptions, the doctor said.

He also pointed out that Joe Biden has a harder gait and a more frequent cough compared to the exam last December.

Coach, Kevin O’Connor, after the experiment, says that these changes are due to diseases that are not of great severity.

He notices a “mild” nervous affection [neuropathie] Affects the legs, as well as the effects of fractures, causes difficult gait. And gastroesophageal reflux cause frequent coughing.

The medical examination also included a colonoscopy under anesthesia, which Joe Biden had to transfer her powers to Vice President Kamala Harris in an hour and 25 minutes, briefly becoming the first woman in American history to receive the presidency.

Photo by Patrick Semansky, Associated Press

Vice President Kamala Harris

This colonoscopy was considered “promising” by the doctor who followed Joe Biden for 13 years.

Reading the report, we learn that the height of the US President is 1.82 meters at 83 kg, that he wears contact lenses, that he does not smoke, that he does not drink, and that he plays sports five times a week.

In addition to his gastrointestinal and gait problems, the assessment also lists conditions that he considers harmless: “non-valvular atrial fibrillation”, a condition in which the heart remains “stable” after treatment; The high level of cholesterol in the blood was successfully corrected by treatment; Allergies and arthritis.

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The act of grace

Returning to the White House after this health check, the Democrat leader, with visible satisfaction, bowed to the tradition of wanting to apologize before thanking two turkeys named peanut butter (peanut butter) and jelly (jam). The most popular sandwich.

Photo by Susan Walsh, Associated Press

Turkey is an iconic food of thanksgiving, one of the most popular holidays in the United States, which Americans celebrate next week.

After a speech that stopped with jokes, Joe Biden, who smiled at the two birds, mingled with the audience for a long time, posed for photos and made fun of the children in the White House rose garden.

My test went well at 2:05 pm from the local Walter Reed Hospital on the outskirts of Washington, “he said.” ”

Photo by Olivier Toulory, France-Press Agency

Joe Biden was discharged from Walter Reed Hospital

A stern statement from the White House at 6 a.m. announced that the president would undergo a routine health check-up, the first since he took office.

He is the oldest president in American history and has publicly announced that he will run for re-election in 2024.

His age, however, prompts speculation that he may drop out.

Joe Biden has promised the greatest transparency in his health, while some supporters of Donald Trump have missed no opportunity to question his physical health and his clarity more or less publicly at the roundabout.

He received a severe health alert in 1988. He was rushed to hospital after a blood vessel rupture and a priest was called to perform his funeral rites.

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If Joe Biden did not stand for re-election, Kamala Harris, 57, would be considered a natural candidate for the Democratic camp, although most observers still have a mixed record of how long she has been vice president.