April 23, 2024

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Mexico shooting reduces tourist excitement

The shooting death of two drug traffickers on a tourist beach in Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday dampened the spirits of many tourists preparing to fly to this sunny spot in the next few hours.

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“Of course it’s not very interesting, but we’ve going anyway.

This is the second event to take place in a few days in a resort town in Mexico. In Montreal on Saturday morning, opinions were divided among Canadians who were going to take one of the two planes to this country.

“We’re going to relax and play golf, so I don’t mind, but we have that in mind, we’ll be careful on the beach,” a woman at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport testified.

“Speaking Spanish helps a little, but it worries me,” said another traveler.

Canada has not issued a warning for the Yucatan Peninsula, but warnings are in effect for the north and west.

Spain and France have advised their fellow citizens to exercise extreme caution if they decide to travel to Mexico.

As for Germany, he was asked to avoid torture at all costs.

According to journalist Josiane Desjardins, the presence of gangs in these places is best explained by the need for drugs.

“The last two events took place in tourist areas, where there is a lot of traffic and people are willing to pay for restaurant services and spend on bars. Maybe there is a need for medicine in some cases. I don’t think anyone can leave an event like this there,” the journalist in Mexico explained.

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